September Favourites!

Hiya! It’s nearing mid-October and I am just about to churn out my September favourites post. Oops! Still, I hope this post is better late than never. 😉

Since coming home, I have discovered my foundations are all a tad too dark for me which turned into a major nightmare as my skin has been misbehaving a little too much lately. I really needed the coverage so I had to turn to quite a few concealers to help conceal those eye sacks and blemishes. Naturally, some of these concealers made the list!

First up, Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Concealer:



This was purchased as part of a last minute mad dash in Boots at London’s Heathrow Airport. Seeing there was a £3 off offer, hence bringing the cost down to a rather affordable £3.99. I bit the bullet, chose the lightest shade (Ivory) and whipped out my Boots Advantage card even though I have not swatched the product beforehand! This creamy concealer works a treat when it comes to concealing my eye sacks but sadly doesn’t perform as well when it comes to those angry red zits of mine. However, it still works well as an all-in-one concealer so it sits permanently in my travel makeup kit. Colour wise it is just a little dark for me but nothing a light dusting of powder combined with my Meteorites can’t help!


The next favourite, an under-eye concealer I doubt I can ever live without:



My Creme de La Mer The Radiant Concealer in Light. Let’s start with that ugly nick right at the top of the concealer.

I was applying the concealer one morning in my room when my brother thought it would be funny to barge into my room and greet me with a massive


that made me jump, resulting in me digging into my then-pretty pot of concealer with my fingernail.

Boy oh boy did he get into a load of trouble for doing that to me! This concealer blends like a dream, doesn’t settle into fine lines and matches my skintone perfectly. Only downside is the hefty price tag and the fact that this is unavailable in Malaysia. T__T


Now for some colour in this post! =D I have been absolutely loving this Kate eyeshadow palette in BR-2 thanks to Steph and her awesome taste:


A lovely, shimmery neutral palette (three colours on the right) that can be worn from day to night! I am slightly wary of the white shade as the glitter is a tad chunky so that goes onto the inner corner of my eyes when I want to look a little more awake! Other than that this is a versatile and travel-friendly palette! Yet another item that has been sitting in my travel makeup bag over the last month!

Actually, I noticed that most of this month’s favourite products come from my travel makeup bag. =)


Yet another Rimmel gem which made its way into my September Favourites is this simple-looking item:

The Stay Matte Pressed Powder doesn’t break the bank at £3.99 (approximately RM20) with its minimalist and lightweight packaging. I own the Transparent version as I only use this to lightly set concealed areas, or the entire face should I be using foundation or BB cream. I usually favour my Dior Nude Natural Glow Sculpting Powder when it comes to travelling but for some reason this has been in my makeup bag for the last month and I have been reaching out for this ever so often! Having a generous 14g worth of product in the pan means this will last me quite a while. =)


One always needs something to combat ’em evil breakouts. I found a product that seems to work well for me:


Dr. Sebagh’s Breakout Spot-On Blemish Corrector is one product that reduces the redness in my zits not long after application. It then takes 2-3 days for the zit to dry up and heal. What sets this apart from the other zit-busting products is that this one does not sting my skin even when applied onto raw, just-popped zits. Mega plus points for this one!

That’s all for my September Favourites but I have one little bonus photo to share with you! I had my hair done just yesterday (which was a nightmare) and the end result was a little too light for my liking. The photos I took all turned out redder than it looks! In real life it takes on a really yellowish-blonde shade, which does upset me severely as I specifically said I did not want to go light.



I really don’t know! Even Mum agreed that this colour looks too light and ‘improper’ but pray tell me what all of you think, pretty please! Should I rush out to the nearest drugstore and re-colour my hair?



Here it is!



Yikes!!! +___+



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