Dealing with Post-Travel Blues, and avoiding them as best I can!

Of late, yours truly has been bitten by the travel bug. The bug certainly bit hard as I have not been spending much time at home since coming back! Now that reality’s finally settling in, I thought I’d share how I combat post-travel blues with you.


One of the hardest-hitting downside to this is bloating, a major pain in the backside for me. I suffer from Irritated Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and the open fact that I am a glutton doesn’t help when it comes to the cramps and all! I’m rather adventurous when it comes to trying out different types of food, hence activating my IBS when I travel! What I usually do when I travel is carry some Gaviscon tablets as they help with acid reflux and Peppermint Oil capsules soothe my cramped tummy when these attacks come round.

The above two cures have been my IBS-combating heroes over the last 5 years and sometimes I even carry some Peppermint Tea Pyramids. (I only ever purchase them from Teapigs because they make the best peppermint tea in my humblest opinion)

Even with these ‘back-ups’, I still come home feeling a tad bloated and slightly puffy-looking so Mum usually makes me ginger tea, made with crushed old ginger, dried longans and red dates to give the tea a natural tinge of sweetness. Ginger helps release wind in the body (read: fart) so beware! 😀 it is also advised to drink this concoction in moderation or too much will make you feel a little overheated due to the spiciness of the plant. I apologise for putting the next sentence in writing but this is something that helps me loads although it sounds (and smells) less than savoury: I pass gas quite a bit after drinking this but it makes my tummy look less big and I fit into my jeans easier. 😉


Laziness unveils itself post-travel. This, paired with Mr. Procrastination easily turns me into sloth after coming home from a holiday. Pre-travel, my life’s filled with the daily grind and you somehow get used to the routine of going to work, cooking, cleaning and washing. During your holidays you then forget about all your chores and Mr. Relax comes into the picture. After not being in touch with reality for a few days (3 is enough to throw me off the hook), your holiday takes on an anti-climatic end as you come home to undone chores. These chores, paired with the fact that you probably need to head back to work the next day never fails to throw me into my usual procrastination mode.

What do we do to avoid this from happening? Sort everything out before you leave and make to-do lists before you return! For example, I love clean sheets and nothing welcomes me home more than fresh, crisp sheets on my bed. So my family always makes this a point to change our bed sheets before we leave on holiday so we come home to freshly made beds, the same way a hotel room welcomes us the first time we set foot in one. Lazy to cook? Make stews, curries or even lasagne and freeze them before you leave! This way, you will not have to cook anything from scratch when you come home and there’s always something you can quickly defrost and eat, thus slowly easing you back into your daily routine.

Another reason why the blues hit me upon coming home is… The amount of dirty laundry you accumulate post-travel. Laundry and I do not go together. I do not mind putting clothes into the wash but the sloth in my detests putting them out to dry and worse still, ironing them. The horror! If I know I will be travelling for quite a while and will be based in one place, I will usually hand wash whatever I can (blouse, undergarments) so I will not have to wash so many clothes upon return and I travel light this way. The downside? I’m always photographed wearing pretty much the same clothes, prompting remarks such as these “gosh she never changes her clothes, that stinky poo!” In actual fact, I do wash my clothes. You do not need to bring any liquid detergent, simply use the free hotel toiletries provided! 😉 This is also why I usually pack light and thin items of clothing whenever I travel as they are comfortable, do not weigh a ton and dry quick! Should I be travelling somewhere chilly, I just layer on thicker clothes. Easy-peasy!

Finally, unpacking is the last thing I’d want to do when I come home. A friend once said that if she doesn’t unpack her suitcase upon arriving home, it will never be done. I agree. Although I attempt to unpack as soon as I come home, the unpacking process usually lasts 2-3 days. The items I pick out first are usually dirty laundry and toiletries. Then comes the slightly painful part: where am I going to place all these newly bought items? Smaller items such as makeup make their way up to my bedroom but the larger items such as decorative items will sit in my suitcase until I find a spot to display them.

How do you avoid this? Make room for potential new items before you leave! I have a shelf that I keep empty for this purpose just so I can get everything in my suitcase out and be able to clean and store my suitcase away before deciding on how the items will be placed around my home. This way there will be less clutter about the house.


I hope this lengthy post did not put any of you to sleep! =D Do you suffer from post-travel blues?


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