Astalift Jelly Aquarysta Rejuvenating Concentrate

As I’m fast approaching my mid-twenties, I thought it’s high time I looked into some anti-ageing skincare as having crows feet and laugh lines is the last thing I’d want to have before I hit 30. It doesn’t help that Paul’s the same age as I am, resulting in a bit of teasing from friends and family who mention men age slower than women. Hence, it’s likely that I will look older than he does before I know it!

In comes this product that promises to target the premature visible signs of ageing and much more:


In theory, this product ticks all the right boxes for me. Read on to find out more!

Astalift is a brand developed by Fujifilm who have built up a wealth of technologies catering towards film photo imaging. Astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant is prevalent in all Astalift products and this regulates cytokine levels during the production of melanin and inhibits excessive melanin production. This is to say that the antioxidant shields the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, as mentioned on the Astalift website.

The Jelly Aquarysta is said to deliver visibly younger, luminous and ‘replumped’ skin. Sounds great to me! What’s even better is its jelly-like texture. I usually use my baby finger to pick up a small amount:


I favour my clean finger over the spatula that comes in the box because I find the latter picks up too much product. With my finger, I only need to tap lightly on the surface of the product and I get the perfect amount for my face.

Here’s a close up on the texture of the product, swatched on my arm:


A jellied texture that turns watery when massaged onto the skin! I favour light, watery serums that absorb quickly so this ticks all the right boxes in terms of texture.

Application wise, I find that my skin feels slightly taut after but it’s nothing uncomfortable / unbearable. I have been using this on and off since, using it 3 weeks in a row and then abandoned it for a while as my skin erupted like no tomorrow. I picked it up again a few days ago and discovered that some product had somewhat evaporated, leaving me with less than a quarter of a tub of product! :s I distinctly remember having at least half a tub of Jelly left a month ago so I was rather surprised to find that the level of the product had sunk, prompting me to review it. :p

Does it perform? Yes and no. My skin was noticably smoother but I felt that this also made my cheeks a tad dry and I had to apply more moisturiser to my cheeks to stop them from feeling tight. Other than that I did not experience any miracles but then again I am lucky to not suffer from any fine lines or pigmentation yet. *touches wood*

Even though the Jelly Aquarysta can be used as preventive care, I found that it did not do that much for me to garner a second purchase but this has a place in my book of good skincare products to use when my skin matures a little more.

An interesting fact I noted about this lovely jelly is that it always looks new! Here’s what it looks like after dipping my finger into the tub:



See the dent in the tub? This dent disappears after a few seconds, revealing a smooth surface again:

Tadah! This may sound a tad crazy but this is why I liked using the product so much as I felt as though I was dipping into a brand new product every single time I applied this. :p

Have you tried this? Do you use anti-ageing skincare and do they work for you? Let me know!




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