Saturday Meme: 5 Favourite Blogs!

Hello everyone!! I’m back for a little while, from an otherwise unexpected hiatus. Been having a little bit of trouble with the internet connection at home and I haven’t quite settled down just yet so I am currently blogging from one of my favourite Taiwanese tea houses – Par Tea Time at SS15, Subang Jaya. Also, last week’s Saturday Meme was scheduled on my iPad but for some reason it not only did not go up on the blog, it disappeared from my blogging app so please forgive me for disappearing unannounced!

This week’s Saturday Meme features 5 favourite blogs of mine, as suggested (as usual) by the beautiful Stephanie of Beaute Fabuleuse. I shall fire this post off by presenting you one blog I read everyday:

1. Worship at the House of Blues


I have been reading Yasumi’s blog for over 3 years now and her blog is such a breath of fresh air. She writes of little things that may seem queer to some but I have always been intrigued with the way dear Yasumi presents her view on stuff that may not matter much to others but are dear to her heart. Her aptly titled as well as well-written posts are another reason as to why I enjoy reading her blog so much. Follow her if you haven’t done so already! =D

Psst, if you don’t know this already, allow me to refresh your memory again! Yasumi is the mastermind behind this amazing shop called The Fushigi Shop and please do visit often as updates are aplenty and there is always something for everyone!


2. My Women Stuff


Another blog I read on a daily basis! If you are looking for the latest updates in the beauty world, look no further as Paris B is here to help! With her thoroughly written product reviews and musings on beauty related issues, this is not one beauty blog to overlook should you be a beauty product junkie like I am!


3. ChloeAsh

Lily of ChloeAsh blogs every other day and again, this is one of the blogs I read ever so often! Lily’s tongue-in-cheek posts often put a smile on my face and I do sometimes giggle out loud when reading her posts in the library, gaining myself a few evil stares from fellow uni mates. Oops!


4. The Beauty Sample


Becca not only writes thoroughly, every photograph on her blog is worthy of many words by itself! I find much pleasure in reading her blog as I am a sucker for beautifully taken photos. If you ever need a swatch photo, look Becca’s blog up as she takes many photos of a product under different light to give you a better idea on what the colour of the product’s like. Highly recommended!



5. Simone Loves Makeup

Simone is an Irish makeup artist living in the Middle East and I was first introduced to her by a friend of mine who wears the prettiest eye makeup. She then informed me that she learnt how to do her eye makeup thanks to watching many a video filmed by the talented Simone! I follow her blog more than watch her videos because reading is something I enjoy more than watching makeup tutorials on YouTube because I have a rather short attention span.


Of course, I have more than 5 favourite blogs and it is no surprise that in one way or other, all these blogs are beauty blogs! These five blogs are special in their own way and I like reading them for different reasons so I thought I’d just share with you these ones out of the many blogs I read everyday! <3


Last but not least, special mention always goes to my partner in crime – Stephanie of



Beaute Fabuleuse


Need I say anymore? 😉 Do look up her take on her 5 favourite blogs and do not forget to follow her! =D

Happy Saturday everyone! Regular blogging will take place when the internet connection at home gets sorted out and I get myself a data plan on my mobile phone! Much love to everyone and I hope all of you are well!



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