A Little August Favourites post!

Once again, I’m in my frenzied packing mode. Hopefully for the last time. In the midst of all the madness, I have found a few items to be particularly calming so I thought I’d share them with you. Also, I figured I shall call this my August favourites post as they have brought a lot of joy and cheer into my life.

Firstly, I’m a true lover of anything handmade. I’m such a sucker that if you want to con me into purchasing something, just say it’s handmade and I’ll be all over the item. I would like to think that I befriended Yasumi, the mastermind behind the beautifully quirky The Fushigi Shop where she creates beautiful, ‘shiny fings’ as she calls it. She also ventures into something really close to my heart… stationery so I grabbed two of her beautifully made notebooks for £1.99 each:

Note the happy kettle and teapot! Yasumi hand-carved the stamps and I just think she’s just incredibly gifted and patient, I must say for I am one who cannot be arsed to sit down and do something for hours at an end. I have yet to scribble in these beauties but I put them on my desk and will just flip through the pristine lined pages when I feel extremely stressed out (which I have been doing a lot lately) as I am pretty much venturing into the unknown.

Here’s a closer shot of the happy kettle and teacup!

Beautifully made! Yasumi also blogs at Worship Blues in which I stalk on a daily basis. Or should I say, worship on a daily basis. 😉


With this being a predominantly beauty blog, with great pleasure I present you with my Holy Grail concealer…..

I foresee many happy days with this, sans eye sacks and unsightly blemishes. Funnily enough, I absolutely adore the tiny brush that comes with this. Allow me to experiment further with this concealer before I present you with a full on review! 😉

I received a pair of glasses from Select Specs over a week ago but they were too pretty to wear!! I love rimless glasses as they make me feel as though I’m not wearing glasses at all and they feel really light and comfortable! I shall leave you with a cheeky shot of the said pair now and a proper review will be coming up soon! =D


What’s an August Favourite post without base makeup! I finally tried out the famed Liz Earle’s Sheer Skin Tint and even though coverage isn’t that great, I love the finish this Skin Tint provides!


Absolute love! I wonder how this will fare back in humid Malaysia as the finish is rather dewy. I suppose I’ll need more than just a dusting of my trusty Meteorites when using this at home.


What are your August favourites? I would love to hear from you! xxx



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