Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Postman Affair

Today, I’m battling a very severe case of cramps. Then the lovely postman decides to place all my parcels (three in total) under a dustbin lid. Note that this has also been something I have battled with over the last two years.

Let me talk you on a walk down the cherry lane….

Two years ago I placed a Cath Kidston order online. Cath Kidston’s floral prints are their strongest selling point and they even have their own special floral print postal bags! A few days after I discovered the dustbin lid was right at my doorstep, with the instantly recognisable Cath Kidston print sticking out from the bottom of the lid.

I was furious. What if some passerby saw the package and decided to walk away with it? We don’t have gates here so anyone could simply walk up to my doorstep, nick the package, walk away and I wouldn’t even know that the package was at my doorstep!! O.o

Another incident. I bought some Mario Badescu stuff from Beauty Bay and thought the parcel went missing as it’s been a good two weeks since I received it. Out of frustration I accidentally kicked the lid one day when I was about to enter the house. No guesses as to what I found under the lid. A dusty Beauty Bay package.

I brought this matter up to Royal Mail. They promised it wouldn’t happen again….

Until now.

Good thing is, I do not need to arrange for a redelivery. Or go through the hassle of heading to the main post office to collect the parcel.

The bad? Losing the package, of course! I’m really lucky I live in a good neighbourhood *touches wood* and all my neighbours are lovely people! Which brings me back to when our wheelie bin used to be overflowing with rubbish (usual uni student house trait) and one of our neighbours would always move some of our rubbish bags into his because he was worried that the rubbish collectors wouldn’t empty our bin because it was too full!


Again, I digress.

I did not manage to take any Trigger-Happy worthy photos this week as I have been preoccupied with a sudden decision, or opportunity as I should call it to uproot myself from here. The house is currently in a mess as I ponder on whether to keep, to ship or to throw many of my belongings. I’m such a hoarder! :s

Anyway, I have collected quite a substantial amount of Boots Advantage Points and I just had to use it to redeem something of use to me =p


The answer to what I got is in the other tab I’ve got on my browser. 😉

Yep, I did indulge in a bit of late night shopping on my day off. =D I am now wondering what the postman has in store for me tomorrow. Till tomorrow, my lovely readers! Much love to all of you. =)




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