Trigger-Happy Thursdays: A slightly rough one!

Hello my lovely readers! I managed to squeeze some time into putting some photos I took from this week and let’s start with the first:


Humpty Dumpty Meadow. This week, I feel and look like Humpty Dumpty. Something has triggered off a series of breakouts all over my face and it’s not the usual flare-ups I’m used to getting but a proper, bad breakout which involves white-headed bumps all over my face! There seems to be more on my cheeks (I rarely get even one pimple on my cheeks) and on my right chin than anywhere else on my face and I’m getting properly freaked out at the moment.

It doesn’t help that I am waddling about with a bloated belly that makes me look like I’m 6 months pregnant and I managed to sprain my back while helping my friend move!

Not a very good week for me, isn’t it? =p



But then again, there are a few things that managed to put a smile on my face. Like this:


An old, worn out ball. We do not have children living with us and I have always wondered why we constantly have random balls in our garden which led me to think that the neighbours’ kids must have hit their ball over. Early yesterday morning I spotted the fox playing around with the ball. Culprit found! It must have picked up these balls left by children in their garden and brought it to our home! =) I spent over 10 minutes watching the fox play with the ball and roll about in the grass before realising I was this close to being late for work! *gasp*



Another reason for me to be happy! My two tomato plants! The one on the right is flowering (which is a good sign, I suppose) and the other on the left seems to be doing its very best too haha!


I am all about food. Fruits, especially during summer. Here’s one of our two plum trees but this is my favourite plum tree as the plums produced are always sweeter and softer! =D


Here are some of the plums I picked! Actually it’s what’s left of whatever I picked earlier as I indulged in one too many plums as I walked about in our lovely garden! Weather’s been lovely again with a couple of hot days and some cooler, cloudier ones in between!

I hope everyone’s had a lovely week and I am surely looking forward to the weekend! =D Are you?


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