The Scrubbing Diaries: Purity Organic Skincare’s Facial Exfoliator

After a long hiatus, my weekly Scrubbing Diaries column is back! Today I present you one of the more unique facial exfoliators I have used – Purity Organic Skincare’s Facial Exfoliator.


This is a grainy facial scrub where the grains are made of rounded, ground coconut shells! When I first read this I immediately went

‘Oh dear I sure hope this wouldn’t smell of coconuts!’

Do you think it reeked of coconuts? Read on to find out! =D

I’ll cut the chase and head straight to the point. No it doesn’t. In fact, it doesn’t smell of anything! Formulated for sensitive skins, this product deeply cleans the pores with those ground coconut shells as well as a concoction of softening and moisturising ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera!

I have always used facial exfoliators that leave my skin feeling slightly stripped of moisture and rather tight but this one leaves a smooth film behind, which I initially found slightly uncomfortable. The smooth film-y feeling goes away after a while but as I’m very much used to the taut feeling left by regular scrubs I wasn’t too impressed with the product but I decided to give it another go, this time using less product!

Purity Organic Skincare’s Facial Exfoliator is slightly runnier than the other scrubs I’ve tried, which is why I accidentally squeezed a tad too much onto my palm (about a £2 coin sized blob) and wasn’t too pleased with the results after!

Next time I tried, I only used a pound coin sized amount and the filmy sensation didn’t feel as bad! The scrubby bits of coconut shells are really gentle on the skin but still gritty enough for you to get a good scrub!

I have been trying this out for nearly a month now and even used it when I suffered from that really bad breakout of mine to no adverse effect, which is good as I usually stay away from facial scrubs when I get breakouts as they simply aggravate my skin!

The Facial Exfoliator helped rid me of flaky skin left behind thanks to some really strong zit-busting gel I’ve been using and it did not aggravate my already painful pimples.

This is what the Facial Exfoliator looks like! It does not foam up and just feels really soft and soothes the skin:

The coconut shells are rather sparse and are not chunky at all so rest assured you won’t be getting the scrub of your life with this product!

Retailing at £5.99 housed in a 100ml tube, this is one of the products that I will always have in my shower as I’m glad I stumbled on a gentle exfoliating product that my sensitive skin is happy to use twice to three times a week.

You can check out Purity Organic Skincare’s website here should you like to find out more about their products. This product receives two thumbs up from me! 😉


How do you exfoliate? I am a little tempted to give the Clarisonic a go but am worried that my skin would go bonkers!



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