SK-II Skin Rebooster

Today, I would like to share one of my favourite ‘lazy’ products: SK-II’s Skin Rebooster. This product is meant to be used as an intensive daily wipe-off gel mask which immediately hydrates the skin, resulting in clear and translucent skin.
Housing 75g of product and comes with a slightly hefty price tag, I do not use this everyday but twice a week!

When Mum purchased this for me, we were advised to apply this onto damp skin whilst having a warm shower and the warm steam will help the mask absorb into the skin. I usually leave this on for about 5-10 minutes, depending on how long my shower takes and then gently rinse with water after.
This product comes with some cotton sheets and you can wipe the mask off with those sheets to gently lift dead skin cells off the skin surface. I personally prefer massaging the mask into my skin and adding a little bit of water in the process of doing so as my skin feels really soft and hydrated after! Must be SK-II’s miracle Pitera ingredient at work! 😉
This is what the product looks like:
Clear, gel-like consistency that feels comfortable when applied to the skin. Some gel-textured products feel a tad tacky when applied but this one simply tickles my fancy!
The best bit of this product is that you can use it all over your eyes and even lips. Be careful not to lick your lips though! I tried it once and let’s just say it’s not something you’d want to try. Ever. =p
I only ever use one pump of product per use because it is pricey and I feel one pump is more than enough for the entire face with some remaining product for the neck! You do not need to slather on a thick layer in my opinion as I doubt our skin can drink such a thick layer of Skin Rebooster in such a short amount of time anyway. 😉
Perfect for lazy days when I don’t feel like putting on a sheet mask! Also, adding this into my shower routine means I am not wasting time, hence more time to procrastinate read!
Any face mask fans out there? Let me know! =)

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