SK-II Advance Eye Treatment Film

Eye cream has been a part (or I’ve been trying, at least) of my daily skincare routine for over 5 years now. Over these 5 years, I’ve only ever used up 4 full-sized tubs / tubes of eye products. No, this is not because the products I used really went a long way. It’s simply because I was too lazy to apply them on some days and I would go without using eye creams for weeks at an end. Bad, bad Sukie!

Now that I have started to develop fine lines around my eye area, I take every single step in my skincare more seriously, although there would still be days when I am too much of a sloth to go through the entire routine. 😉


SK-II’s Advance Eye Treatment Film has been a staple for me for over 3 years now and I have used up 3 tubes of this over the years, with the other one being Clinique’s All About Eyes cream, in case you were wondering!

This serum is oil-free and is meant to nourish and revitalise the eyes. It is also meant to reduce the look of dehydration lines, according to the official SK-II USA website.

As regular readers will know, I suffer from eye sacks of ginormous proportions and this can be seen in my many FOTDs if you take a peek at my older posts. =p So I have to admit that this product does not work well in the eye sack reducing department. However, I am a huge fan of the texture. It comes out clear and the texture is rather runny but when applied to the eye area, my eyes feel refreshed it absorbs into the skin really quickly which is an added plus.

As much as I love this product, I have a sinking feeling that I have outgrown the SK-II Advance Eye Treatment Film as I find that my eyes need a little more moisture and something more potent as fine lines are starting to develop around my eye area and I am in dire need of a product that will make those sacks disappear.

Do you have any favourite eye creams / gels to recommend? =)



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  1. Melinda July 24, 2015 / 01:23

    Oops I just used this for a few days!
    So.. I also have the same problem like you i have eye bags hate them
    What product do you use now then?

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