Saturday Meme: What Makes Me Happy!

edit: Oh dear! I initially wrote and scheduled this post but it disappeared from Blogger and Blogsy (my iPad blogging app)!! Arrgh so here I am re-writing the whole post!

So hello my lovely friends! Saturday Meme’s finally up and running again after a week-long hiatus. Hopefully this will never happen again! One of my favourite people in the world – Stephanie of Beaute Fabuleuse decided that we should reveal the 5 things that makes us both happy! So here goes!


My Daddy, Mummy and Brother. Of course you are included under the ‘family’ umbrella, Paul*! They make me happy because I would not be where I am if not for them (very much overused phrase in my case) but it’s really true. I am who I am because of my family. We have our ups and downs but I wake up everyday feeling blessed and extremely grateful that we are family. So my family takes the top spot for this week’s meme!


2. Stephanie of Beaute Fabuleuse

Okay not just Steph but Papaw too. Cue for everyone to go *AWWWWWW* now at the sight of that photo! =D Steph and I met through our blogs and she’s one of the loveliest friends I have ever had. We spent many a night chatting about absolutely nothing at all and she’s one of the most generous people I have ever known. Have got nothing but praises to sing about her! Thank you for being the best #soulmate I’ve ever had, Steph! xxx



The above photo is misleading. This is not my favourite bag. In fact I would have a hard time choosing my all-time favourite bag but my current favourite still is the amazing Earth DNA Backpack. Bags make me happy. Oh-so happy. I love all kinds of bags, even Sainsbury’s Jute Bags. I’m a bag hoarder. =p



I have a problem. Nobody needs this many notebooks, or bags for that matter but I have notebooks in different shapes and sizes all for a different purpose (or so I say). Be it the regular college note-taking Pukka Pads to the fancy-schmancy Moleskine or Filofaxes, I’ve got them all. One of my utmost favourites has got to be the plain-looking brown journal in the middle – Mum painstakingly collected stamps from Starbucks to redeem two of these journals, one for the brother and the other one for myself. One can only imagine the caffeine high Mummy gets from all those mugs of coffee! =D These Starbucks planner redemption thingamajig is an annual event in my family where my parents would drink, drink and drink more Starbucks beverages just to redeem these planners for us! Sadly the planners are not as well-designed in the recent years so I stopped my parents from spending money on bland and sour Americanos. 😉

Ooh, see the Lomo notebook that’s second from left? That one houses my deepest, darkest secrets *evil laugh*



That’s right! I love hearing from all of you and nothing makes my day more than receiving Intense Debate notifications stating I’ve got a new comment on my blog! I really appreciate every one of you reading my blog and I can never thank you all enough! <3


So what makes you happy? =D Do please let us know and don’t forget to check out what makes Steph happy!

Have a lovely weekend!

*Not the fiancé’s real name. 😉


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