Saturday Meme: 5 Favourite Foods

Hello, who doesn’t love food? I do, and I love any type of food (some exceptions apply, of course) and I found it incredibly difficult to narrow them down to only 5! I wonder if Stephanie found it tough too. 😉



1. Bee Hoon / Rice Vermicelli

This photo was taken in September last year, on my birthday itself. My parents send me a love package which consisted of my favourite things! My Auntie and Uncle who live here in the UK think my parents have lost their marbles, sending me Bee Hoon all the way from home when you can get it over here! Thing is, I am a little picky when it comes to rice vermicelli. Some can be really starchy but this particular brand my family has been consuming for over 10 years is really firm and has a really good bite to it. I’d have Bee Hoon over rice anyday. Love my noodles! =D


2. Jaffa Cakes

photo source

Hehe I’m terrible aren’t I? Instead of presenting you lovely readers with a nice, enticing photo of Jaffa Cakes I thought it would be funny to show you a screenshot of the Jaffa Cake website with me having to install Flash on my ‘machine.’ 😉 I love Jaffa Cakes. At 44 calories each, you get dark chocolate (yay), some cake (although I would love to say it tastes somewhat like a soft biscuit) and zesty Orange jelly in the middle! Downside is that I always eat more than one the minute these come into contact with my mouth a.k.a The Bottomless Pit.


3. Butler’s Chocolates

photo source


Looks like yours truly is on a roll with screenshots. 😉 Okay I promise this is the last! Ever since Mum and I discovered Butler’s Chocolates in Dublin, we are hooked and did you know you get a free chocolate when you purchase a drink at Butler’s Chocolate Cafes? =D


4. Roti Canai / Paratha


photo source

A Malaysian delicacy. This stuff is cheap. You could get a plain one for approximately 20p. Cheaper if you have this out of town. Check out what Wikipedia has to say about this cheap and yet delicious Indian flatbread. O Roti Canai, I miss you so! This is sold in one of the Malaysian restaurants in London for £4 a piece. I will never fork out that much for something that’s made out of flour and a lot of fat. Never.


5. Stir-fry Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion

Yum yum!! I made this a little while ago and this is one of the dishes I will never fail to order should I be having Chinese with my family. Another variant would be Venison with ginger and spring onion. *drools*


Being the glutton that I am, I obviously have a lot more than just 5 favourite foods but the lady behind Beaute Fabuleuse was adamant that I only choose 5! =( Now please head over to her blog to see what the ever lovely Stephanie has to say about her 5 favourite foods!


Psst!! We both have a little surprise coming up for your readers in next week’s Saturday Meme but we both are still working on it!! It involves a bit of filming which is something we both have never done and we are really shy creatures (yep, creatures) so if you would like to see a video come to life, please give us both a shoutout in the comment box below!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone and I do have more giveaways coming up so stay tuned! xxxx



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