Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Adventures

Hello everyone! It’s been a rather exciting week for me as I had to brave the wet English weather once more. What sunny skies?


Okay, there’s still a little bit of sun but it’s been rather chilly and wet here! I went on a few adventures this week with one leading me to the other side of town! Here’s a photo I took when I was in search of a shop that would lead me to my treasure but I’ll show you what the street looks like first:

I got a little bit lost but found eventually found the place! To think I’ve been living here for over four years and have never ventured to this part of town! =D I am glad I did but I am not sure if I’m willing to walk nearly 2 miles to get there again!


So what did I get? =D


Links of London’s Team GB bracelet!! =)


The next adventure took place on campus!


These packages were lovingly packed up by myself and I was going to send them off to a much-loved one today! Okay, there are two post offices on campus, one in the Student Union building which does not accept packages weighing more than 0.9kg and the other over at the Estates Department which houses quite a massive Post Room! Instead of going down town to get these packages sent, I figured it would be better if I did it on campus after work so here I was at 7.57am waiting for a kind friend to give me a lift up to uni!

I posted this photo on Instagram two nights ago:


I wrapped and taped these three boxes up, using one entire roll of masking tape in the process. I taped the entire box, making it waterproof as I was worried that the box may get wet in transit!

Am extremely thankful I taped these boxes up as it started drizzling as I walked to the Estates Department and then it started pouring when I got there! I dropped by their Design and Print centre where a gentleman gently pointed out that the Post Room was ’round where the vans are.’

I was worried it would be far away and was reluctant to walk there as it would mean my packages would be drenched but this kind gentleman actually brought me to the Post Room which was about 50 meters away. How very kind of him!

I was very lucky as the man who greeted me at the Post Room gave me a dry cloth to wipe the packages down so the rain droplets wouldn’t add to the weight of my packages! *tears* Am so blessed with lovely people around me!


Also, I must admit that this is the first time I’ve ever been to the Estates Department. =p Four years spent at this University and I have never stepped into the Estates Department. I even had to ask the boyfriend for directions to the Department as he went there to bind my dissertation two years ago. =D


Onto some random photos now! I found Tumeric at a major supermarket! They look really fresh!


For those of you who are new to my blog, I received two tomato plants from my neighbour last week and I thought I should show you how they’re progressing! The lovely neighbour moved them as she felt that they receive more light in this position! The plant on the left seems a little yellow (am worried) but hopefully they will turn out fine!

So what have you been up to this week? =)

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