Just a Little Idea

Hello blog friends! 😉


I was in the process of tidying up my room yesterday when an idea suddenly popped into my head. In my room lay quite a few products, some used but set aside as I either didn’t enjoy using them / forgot about them. Some were even bought as backups because I’m paranoid like that! I have popped the more ‘sellable’ ones over at my blog sale and then there are some that I feel just aren’t sale-worthy.

I wouldn’t want to bin them as I don’t like the idea of binning a perfectly good product so I thought I’d offer it to you lovely blog readers!

There is a little catch though! These items will be free but you would have to pay for P&P (thinking of capping it at £3 for smaller items and maybe £4.50 for the heavier items as postage is really expensive) and for now I will be doing this for UK readers only as international postage costs an arm and a leg! I am more than happy to give them away to international readers but please bear in mind that international postage is not cheap! =)

What do you think? If the response is good I will be giving away one (maybe more) item a day and this will be based on a first come, first served basis!


Let me know my dears! xx


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