Find out why Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advance Face Serum has been a staple in my skincare routine!


After over three long years, nearly two of owning this blog… I’m finally coming out with one of my longest-serving skincare products: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins’ Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advance Face Serum! Since the name’s Mega-Long, I shall shorten it and call it the Mega-Mushroom Serum. =p


A little history onto how I stumbled upon this product. When I’m home during the summer hols Mum would send me off for facial sessions at Origins in The Gardens, Midvalley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur as she usually signs up for packages and then they kindly let me and my grandma do facials under Mum’s name. My usual facial therapist Cassie noticed my skin flares up really easily. Exfoliate my face? Skin turns red. Try extracting a blackhead? The entire area turns red. Lets not get to angry red zits. Post facials I look as red as a lobster. That’s how sensitive my skin is lol!


A little more info on the product: The Mega-Mushroom serum helps to improve the appearance of ageing as well as build up the skin’s resilience towards sensitivity and redness. As noted in the name, this product comes packed with various types of mushrooms and a whole lot of other good ingredients to ‘promote good health’ such as Tumeric, Ginger and Holy Basil.

What’s great about this product is that the serum is formulated with scientifically proven, anti-irritant ingredients which sounds really comforting indeed!

The formula has been revamped since my first bottle and I have to say it just gets better! The serum from my very first bottle took on a slightly greyer tinge and it smelt funkier. Oh before I dive any deeper I have to warn those of you who aren’t too keen on ‘funky-smelling’ skincare products as this does smell a little strange! The Mega-Mushroom serum does not smell like your average skincare product which usually smells fresh / floral! I’m not good at describing scents but all I can say is that this serum smells just like its ingredients: A mash-up of mushrooms, tumeric, ginger and everything else.

On the bright side, the smell dissipates quickly so scent aside, this is the one product that really does what it says for me!

I use one pump of product for my face, sometimes two if I’m suffering from a particularly bad flare up. Here’s how much product you get out of one pump!

The Mega-Mushroom serum takes on this beige shade that makes it look like a foundation swatch in the above photo, hehe! It’s quite runny and absorbs quickly, which is what I like about it:


The yellow tint of this serum immediately masks your redness a little so you do see an immediate effect where the skin looks less red! If I’m suffering from a particularly bad flareup, what I do is apply two pumps of the Mega-Mushroom serum to my face and leave it on like a mask for 5 minutes before massaging the remaining serum into my skin and I find that it does take away the burning sensation I get when I suffer from flareups.

Although this works really well with toning down my redness and soothing my irritated skin, I find myself reaching out for an extra serum for hydration such as Avene’s Hydrating Serum or Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal serum during cooler months as my skin just needs that extra boost to prevent my cheeks from cracking. However, when I’m at home in Malaysia I usually get away with using just the Mega-Mushroom serum as my skin tends to get oilier with the warmer weather. =)

I used to suffer from extreme skin sensitivity where should I spend 10 minutes under indirect sunlight eg. under a tree, shadows my skin would just flareup and I’ll turn beetred even though I wear sunscreen as my skin just hates the heat but I find that my skin reacts a lot better to the heat / sun now and I do not turn as red as quickly and my skintone is a lot more even now. I still suffer from very sensitive skin, especially around my nose, chin area but it’s a vast improvement from 3 years ago when my entire face goes on strike and I transform into a living tomato.

I have mentioned this in my Holy Grail product post but I shall mention it again! The Mega-Mushroom serum comes in two sizes: 30ml (£44) and 50ml (£51). It does cost a bit but the 50ml bottle lasts me over 8 months with everyday use! I swear by this product as I have not tried any other product that helped reduced my redness this drastically but Steph who too suffers from skin sensitivity did not like using this product so I’m a little wary about recommending this to you sensitive-skinned girls and guys out there!

What works for me may not work for you so please drop by an Origins counter and ask for samples before you take the plunge as this is a costly product and it would be a huge waste of money should you purchase it and find that the product doesn’t quite suit you!

Do you suffer from sensitive skin?



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