Breakouts galore!

Hello everyone, I’m sorry I hadn’t had the time to schedule any posts over the last couple of days as I have either been at work / helping a friend move house which took up most, if not all of my energy!

Also, I’m going through a really bad time, skin-wise! I am blessed with rather good skin where I get the odd pimple every now and then but this time my face has just gone bonkers with all these pimples, be it big or small. Am currently trying to figure out what caused a breakout of such proportion and having a really bad breakout like this is just makes it difficult for me to take face shots as I have a really big, red and angry pimple under my eye (of all places) and no amount of concealer will conceal it from the world so please bear with me while I help this dear friend carry on with her house-moving (she’s moving to another part of town and has over 10 years’ worth of stuff to move out from this old one) and I foresee it’s going to take a while but I’ll do my best to update you every now and again with everything that’s been going on!



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