YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain in 12 Corail Fauve

I have been keeping a keen eye on Yves Saint Laurent’s Glossy Stains ever since they were released but for some reason I guess fate decided against me purchasing this baby earlier! I tried heading to my local Debenhams to purchase one some time in November last year but the YSL sales assistant was no where to be found and the other ladies manning other beauty counters didn’t come round to offer help so I kind of left it there and didn’t think of it until…

The launch of YSL’s Touche Eclat Foundation. Some drama ensued and you can read all about it here. Anyway, I thought it would be quite nice to come home with a Glossy Stain so here it is.

Say hello to Glossy Stain #12 Corail Fauve!



The boyfriend felt that YSL’s golden packaging looked a little ‘auntie-ish’ and tacky. I solemnly nod my head in agreement. We were discussing the outer packaging YSL’s products in general, not the packaging of the product itself. Housing 6ml of product, the Glossy Stain’s packaging looks every bit luxurious in its rectangular body and gold cap bearing the YSL logo.

I like the uniquely shaped doe-foot applicator as it’s broader than the generic doe foot applicator and the pointy tip makes it a lot easier to apply the stain evenly onto your cupid’s bow.

YSL has created a 3-in-1 product with the Glossy Stains with it being a lipstick, lipgloss and lip stain. I see this product as a lipgloss more than anything else due to the glossy effect that stays on my lips for over 4 hours!

I am used to using lipglosses seeing I started out using them but I struggled a little with this Glossy Stain! Corail Fauve is a bright coral-red when swatched on your arm but the colour deepens on the lips. Fortunately, or unfortunately for me this #12 Glossy Stain darkens more red than coral on my lips. Here’s an arm swatch:



Photo on the left depicts the stain left behind after swiping the Glossy Stain once, photo on right bears two swipes of product.


First up, I feel that a strong floral (rose) fragrance is added to mask the amount of alcohol that is contained in this product. Sorry, YSL but my nose immediately picked up a strong waft of alcohol the minute I popped the appplicator out of the container. That aside, the texture of the Glossy Stain is like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

I applied one layer as evenly as I could over my lips and did not press my lips together as advised by the SA. Just felt as though a cool layer of film’s being applied to my lips. I was surprised as I expected the Glossy Stain to feel creamy. First layer usually goes on slightly patchy but wait for about 30 seconds and then apply the second layer. This is when you start to notice the change in colour, and your lips stand out looking full, plump and glossy.

After the second layer, you can do a third but I usually stop at two because you get a full-on lip with two layers and the product hangs on to your lips for over 4 hours even if you eat / drink which is good enough for me as I usually reapply my lip products after a meal. Not with this though! =)

Once the second layer has been applied and left to set for awhile (30 seconds again) press lips together and then you will realise that they do not feel like your lips as this product is not sticky but just smooth and in Karla Sugar’s words, gummy.

Yes, your mugs will suffer from some staining when you drink with this on but funnily enough your lips will look like the stain has just been freshly applied. This ‘freshly applied’ look stretched over 5 hours for me when I walked to town, drank water whilst walking into town (a 20 minute walk), met a friend for a drink before heading to a restaurant for lunch. Finally, we hit Tescos and came out with a punnet of strawberries which we ate as we walked home.

5 hours later, the colour didn’t look as strong and bright as it first did when I applied it but the glossiness lives! I did not mind eating with my lips feeling a little strange but everyone of us is special so if it makes you uncomfortable, remove it and reapply once you’re done with your meal!

My lips did not feel dry or uncomfortable during wear which is an added plus!

However, Corail Fauve feels a tad too red on me. I love brights, but not bright and deep shades so here’s the obligatory shot of me wearing it! I didn’t do much with my eyes / rest of the face as the lips were attention-grabbing enough:



Do you think it’s too bright for me? My skin was in pretty horrible condition seeing this photo was taken two days after my flare up so please excuse my horrible concealing skills and does anyone have a good undereye concealer to recommend pretty please I desperately need one. No MACs please as I discovered MAC’s Studio Sculpt Concealer breaks me out so I’m rather wary of any MAC cream products for now!

I really shouldn’t be giving excuses but my hair was in a really bad state, especially the fringe as I cut it a tad too short and it just keeps sticking out like a sore thumb and this was the best I could get my fringe to look! Also a new conditioner I was testing out just turned my usually manageable hair into frizzy straw and this is why I look like I’d just gotten out of bed in the above photo. =D

Overall, I like this product very much indeed that I’ve been gushing about it to my friends and family. Even the boyfriend has not been spared. I will look into getting lighter shades in the future but I’m more than happy to own just one of these for now as I’m a little afraid to wear it out seeing it’s so bright against my skintone.

Finally, the ingredient list:




Do let me know what you think, and happy Friday everyone! =)



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