Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Quack Quack!

Hello happy people! In this week’s instalment of my very Trigger-Happy Thursdays, I present you…


Mummy Duck and Baby Duckling:


Taken on campus, I was greeted by this lovely sight: doting albeit rather naggy Mother Duck tailing behind a very curious and inquisitive Baby Duckling!

Quack Quack!! =p


A week ago, grey skies loomed ahead. Like so:


This week, yours truly brandished her trusty brolly for all the wrong reasons:



Here I am, with umbrella whipped out for protection and I was standing in the shade (note the shadows on the road) waiting for the bus. It is bleeping hot right now. I’m actually hoping for the grey skies to make a comeback because this hot weather is turning me into a grouch. Imagine humid Malaysian weather minus the air conditioning / fan. The nights are particularly muggy but I have a table fan in my room so all is well! =D


Then, we have Chef Sukie whipping up her favourite Chinese Beef dish in the world – Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion. I have to say I nailed the dish. I’d be more than happy to share the recipe should anyone ask for it!



A lot of good has happened to me this week and I am incredibly grateful to everyone and of course, the powers that be for blessing me with such goodness!


First up, this lovely package from Yasumi‘s lovely shop made my otherwise glum day!

Lovingly wrapped and taped to perfection! Contents of the package will be revealed soon after my second package gets here! =D In the mean time, please check out Yasumi’s lovely FUSHIGI SHOP as the lovely lady behind it all creates the most curious and unique ‘fings’! =)


In another series of lovely events, my neighbour gifted me with TWO tomato plants, saying to me that they need a lot of sunlight and frequent watering is necessary to ensure they don’t die a premature death!



Here are the two tomato plants! I shall water them everyday, in the evening as suggested by the lovely neighbour and let’s see how things go! I can’t wait to harvest the fruit as I love tomatoes!! <3


Did you do anything interesting this week? =)


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