Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Flower Feast!

Been yonks since I last did a Trigger-Happy Thursday session as I have not been very trigger-happy but I’ve recently picked it up again as there are just too many pretty flowers! This week’s Trigger-Happy session will be filled with flowers, some wild, some grown, some stolen off neighbour’s lovely gardens.

Enjoy! 😉

By far the tallest Foxglove plant I’ve ever seen. Photo was blurry as it was a windy day and plant kept swaying from side to side.


Close up of what Foxgloves look like! I love their droopy lilac bell-like flowers =)

Neighbour’s roses! The bright burst of red amongst the pretty cream flowers caught my eye.


Lovely cluster of yellow/cream flowers! I don’t know what they’re called so if anyone knows, please enlighten me. =)


Taken right at the doorstep of my home. Looks as if the flower sprouted out of the leaves! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen this in bloom so *click*


Black-red flowers in bloom, surrounded by lush greenery.


White Camelias in full bloom. Funny how their buds take on a pinkish hue but when in full bloom they turn white.


Ever seen Lavender buds in bloom? =) Such a pretty sight! I spent a good 15 minutes squatting by this lavender bush, not only taking photos but inhaling the lovely scent.



Some random bright yellow flower I found by the side of the road on campus. =)


Happy Thursday, folks!


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