Saturday Meme: 5 All-Time Favourite Brands!

Hello! In this week’s instalment of my weekly joint meme with Steph of Beaute Fabuleuse we are revealing our 5 favourite brands! This got me into a bit of a rut as I do have more than 5 favourite brands but I’m simply going to have to squeeze my utmost favourite brands into this post!


1. Shiseido

Shiseido. A brand I never expected I’d like but I’m in love. I am currently two products from their White Lucent range, their Perfect UV Sun Protector, Cream Compact and that amazing foundation brush of theirs and I have not been happier.

2. L’occitane

It’s been 12 years (maybe more) since L’occitane landed on Malaysian shores. Throughout these 12 years my house has never gone without a L’occitane product. We love L’occitane. I love their hair conditioners and I cannot live without it.

3. Healthy Back Bag

This bag has saved my back, shoulders and knees. Am now on a mission to convert the world. 😉 Check my post out if you would like to know more about them.

4. Bourjois

My favourite liquid foundations come from this brand. Nuff said.

5. Cath Kidston

All things floral and British make me happy. =)


So there you go, my 5 favourite brands! What’s yours? =) Don’t forget to check Steph’s blog out! <3



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