Review: Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener w

Finally I’m getting down to reviewing Shiseido’s marvellous skincare range! Today, I will be introducing you to the wonderful world of this Japanese brand and why I’m incredibly smitten by them. =)

Maybe I should start with why I chose Shiseido’s White Lucent range over everything else in their impressive product line up. I wear the shade NC15 in MAC, which is one of the lighter shades. So why on earth do I need to lighten my skin further, you wonder?

It’s to even out my skintone! I suffer from blotchy, uneven skin due to sensitivity and they look far worse than they actually are due to my skintone. Another thing I should also mention is that I do not only suffer from jetlag, my skin suffers from skin-lag. =p It was winter in the UK when I headed home and it did wreck havoc on my skin as it took quite a while for my skin to accept the fact that the weather is no longer icy but hot and sweaty. With that, my face was covered in red blotches and looked irritated for nearly a month before it finally adjusted to the heat. :s

I was out and about with Mum one day when Shiseido was promoting their White Lucent range in Midvalley’s South Court. (if I’m not mistaken. There are so many courts in MV and one can only try to guess it right. Hehe) I mainly went up to enquire more about their sunscreens but did not intend to purchase anything. However, the SA offered me some samples of their White Lucent range to take home and try. I was pleasantly surprised as I did not purchase anything and the SA did not try to push me to purchase a single thing. I politely declined as I am not interested in using whitening products as I know whitening products are usually filled with alcohol.

Despite my declining, he (yes the SA was a he) insisted I gave it a go and he said

‘It will help make your skintone look more even. It brightens and evens your skintone out, hence making you look fairer.’

It surely does make sense, doesn’t it? =D

Anyway, I gave the samples a try (they were good enough to last me about 5 days) and really liked the brightener and day emulsion so I went back to repurchase!

There are two different Brighteners in the White Lucent range – One’s lighter and the other richer. The one I have – White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener w is the lighter one. Texture is quite similar to Melvita’s Extraordinary Water but has less viscosity to it.

The thing with Shiseido is that they have Softeners in place of toner. The SA I spoke to mentioned that Softeners are meant to be used after cleansing to prep and soften the skin for better serum / moisturiser absorbtion. Shiseido also has lotions which aren’t moisturisers but comes in the form of clear runny liquid (like toner) but these lotions are meant to be used at the end of your skincare routine. Pour a few drops onto your palm and gently pat the lotion onto your face after moisturiser / sunscreen.

Back to the White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener W. I was informed this product is gentle enough to be used over the eye area but I balked at that piece of information as there is no way I am applying any product that’s ladened with alcohol all over my delicate eyes!

Come one fine day when I decided to apply mascara and not remove it properly. One eye had some remnants of mascara left and I was in the process of ‘softening’ my skin with this product. I thought I might as well turn this into a multi-tasking product and swiped the cotton pad all over my eye.

Being the klutz that I am, I naturally poked my eye with the cotton pad. Immediately I squeezed my eyes shut, anticipating some super stinging action.

I waited.

and waited.

Nothing happened.

Gingerly I opened the eye.

All fine and dandy! =D


In case you were wondering, it took a couple of swipes to get the last bits of mascara off. Granted, this is not a makeup remover, just me being incredibly lazy! However, this experience gave me the courage to swipe the product over my eye. As strange as this sounds, the alcohol in this Softener does not irritate my skin or eyes at all! Coming from a lady who has very sensitive bits (I can say pretty much every inch of my skin suffers from sensitivity) this is an incredible product that did not aggravate my skin at all.

I first started using this twice a day at home, incorporating this into my daily routine with the above product being the only new addition into my skincare routine. Within a week I was waking up to soft and plump skin. My skin looked less angry and looked more even!

Did I go a shade (or even half a shade) lighter? No but an even skintone is what I’ve been lusting after and I’m close to getting it now!

Currently, I only use this once a day (in the evenings) as I like going to bed and waking up with soft skin and also because I’m running low on this and I do not think the White Lucent range is available in the UK. Hmm maybe it’s about time I got the parents to send some extra bottles over as this product is just lush. Very, very lush indeed.

My only gripe about this product is that it’s housed in a bulky glass bottle. Not good if you have a luggage weight limit! =( But I doubt my parents would mind sending this over to me because I’m such a *cough* lovely *cough* daughter. =p right parents? 😉

At RM185, this lasted me close to 6 months and I’ve sadly come to its last drop. Am lucky that I purchased this when they were doing some Gift with Purchase offers so I have 2 deluxed-sized bottles of this to keep me going for a little while more until the postman says hello!


If you are in search of a good whitening product, I personally feel that you would need to use the entire whitening range, not just one product out of a whitening range as I doubt you will be able to achieve the results you are after. However, if uneven skintone is your concern give this Softener a go but drop by and ask the counters for a sample first as I know alcohol-ladened products do not go well with everyone. Japanese alcohol agrees with me but everyone’s different so try it out before purchasing a full-sized bottle!

I’m so glad I was given a sample of this. I would not have even looked twice at it if not for the generous SA. So thank you, Shiseido for providing us consumers with such lovely customer service!

Have you tried any Shiseido products? What are your favourites? =)


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