Review: Kose Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion

Japanese skincare products seem to work a treat for me. Which is strange considering they do contain rather high amounts of alcohol. My skin seems to take on a mind of its own when I deal with products with high alcohol content. Clinique’s famed lotions? My face burned, itched and turned blotchy. Kose’s Sekkisei Lotion? Didn’t break me out even though it is too ladened with alcohol.


Allow me to digress a little before jumping into the review of Kose’s Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion. =)

Recently, I dropped by a Yves Saint Laurent counter to get myself matched to their latest Touche Eclat Foundation. She removed my make up with a make up remover (YSL’s I’m assuming) and I did feel a slight tingling sensation. The aforementioned tingling sensation could develop into two things: no bad reaction whatsoever or, irritated, stinging skin.

I decided to let her carry on as I really wanted to try the foundation! After all, my skin did not react…. Yet.

She then spot-cleaned a foundation brush with a brush cleaner and then proceeded to apply the foundation to my face. This step was repeated twice as she first matched me to a shade (B40) that was too dark for me even though she insisted it is my shade. After help from another MUA they finally decided B10’s the right shade and she proceeded to remove and reapply the foundation.

I walked out happy as I finally got matched and Mum in case you are reading, no I did not purchase the foundation.

The nightmare started when I was on my way home, about 45 minutes after leaving the counter.

The tingling sensation evolved into a stinging one and upon looking at myself in the mirror, my face had turned red and blotchy. It was painful. By the way this says a lot about the coverage of this Touche Eclat foundation as it failed to cover my redness. 😉 But then again the shade of red I turn into can be likened to MAC Russian Red’s red, or cooked lobster red.

My painful rant on Twitter got Lily worried. Being the loving mother she is she insisted that I went to a doctor. Hanny and Steph followed suit soon after. Thank you so much for your concern, ladies and here’s a quick shoutout to all of you to follow their blogs because they are such a lovely bunch and I have learnt so much from their posts! As an added bonus, Lily is hosting a very lovely GIVEAWAY on her Facebook Events Page so please head to to find out more!

End of advertorial. =D

Initially, I blamed my flare up on the Touche Eclat Foundation because this blogger never thinks before she speaks, or in this case never thinks before she disses a product.

A trip to the doctor the next day enlightened me. She took one look at my face and said ‘I’m pretty sure you had an allergic reaction to some product you used on your face.’

Immediately, I said ‘Touche Eclat Foundation.’

She looked at me with shock and even, mild horror.

‘Really? It’s amazing and I’ve got it on now! I have sensitive skin like yours but it works really well for me!’

I just shook my head in disbelief.

She then asked me to talk her through the application steps and when I mentioned the tingling sensation I felt when the make up remover was wiped across my face, I saw the light.

I’m sorry for dissing you, Touche Eclat Foundation. I may just purchase you now. =D

The doctor then mentioned it could be both the make up remover and the harsh chemicals found in the brush cleaner that made my skin flare up. She even said

‘You should avoid products with alcohol in them because this might be one of the reasons why your skin reacted that way.’

I immediately thought of Kose’s Sekkisei range and Shiseido’s line up……



So back to my review. I’m sorry I went round the universe before coming back to the actual product review. I am long-winded like that and I felt compelled to share the above story with you because my skin is temperamental and does not react badly to all alcohol-ladened products.

Kose’s Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion was a gift from a lovely Japanese friend whose father works for Kose.


I did not manage to find much information online and my friend K wasn’t sure of what this product does other than it ‘is very good’ and ‘prevents sunspots.’

So I hopped over to Kose USA’s site and found a few interesting facts about this Emulsion! It’s a lightweight moisturiser with a highly emollient formula brightens and softens skin. It even contains Vitamin C to reduce melamin production and prevents inflammation, freckles and sunspots.

Interesting. I do not know how much this costs but the Kose USA website states it costs USD50 (about £32) for 140ml which isn’t too bad seeing you get a lot of product. The Emulsion is housed in a pump bottle (plastic) and I use one pump for my face and neck. It looks like this when out of the bottle:



Milky white lotion that is watery and slightly tacky when applied to the face. It eventually dries although it takes a little while but I’ve found a way to quicken the absorbtion process!

One pump of product onto palm. Bring both palms together, warming and evenly distributing the Emulsion over them. Light swiping motions across the face, starting with cheeks before moving to the forehead, nose and mouth area and finally neck. Pat face lightly et voila! You have nothing but nicely prepped, soft skin that’s ready to take on anything you decided to apply to your face!

Even though I can’t find the ingredient list for this, I’m pretty sure the Kose Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion has alcohol in it but I’ve been using this for over 3 months now and my skin has been nothing short of happy. I use this in the evenings and sometimes in the mornings (I use another moisturiser in the mornings just because that has SPF15 in it) and my skin is in pretty good shape with next to no breakouts until the YSL ordeal came along. :s

The only conclusion I can bring myself to make for now is that…. Japanese alcohol is kinder to my skin than European alcohol. Haha! Sorry Science subjects never were my forte in school and I used to copy my friends’ conclusions from their experiment log books. =p

A final thing to note about this Emulsion is that it really is a lightweight moisturiser and leans towards being a summer moisturiser for me, or one that I would use when I’m home in Malaysia. It’s been rather chilly over the last couple of days as we apparently have Arctic winds blowing our way and I find that my cheeks feel a little dry if I only use the Emulsion in the evenings. This is when Sleeping Packs come into the picture. But I’ll save that for another day as this post is getting way too wordy for my own good.

Happy Monday, everyone and may you be well and happy always! =) Do you suffer from skin flare ups? Any tips on how to tone them down? Please share your tips with me as nothing tones down my redness when I suffer from a ‘redness attack.’



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