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Hello lovelies! I posted an image on Twitter featuring Paris B’s judge feature in this month’s Her World Malaysia magazine much to the surprise of the lovely Paris and Rae.

The photo in question?



Isn’t she lovely? =D

Thanks to the lovely Yumeko, I discovered the world of online magazines at Zinio and was happily surfing through their magazine database!


Here’s what the website looks like:


There are loads of categories for you to choose from and I spent quite a while browsing through the ‘Women’ section. 😉


They even have an iPad / iPhone app and even though I love leafing through glossy magazine pages, subscriptions on Zinio are cheaper and you help save the environment too. I’m all for doing good (mostly to my wallet but hehe!) so why not?

A 12 month subscription to Her World Malaysia would set you back USD20 / £12.74 which is pretty reasonable to me! The only downside of subscribing to an online magazine is…. You do not get the freebies that sometimes comes with them! Since I live away from home and it would cost Mum quite a bit to send the magazine over, I figured it was more convenient and cheaper to just purchase a single issue. I bought the current issue off my iPad app for £1.99, a tad steep but still cheaper than having someone purchase the magazine and send it to me.

Have I convinced you yet? =D Zinio has this Refer-A-Friend program where we will both receive a USD5 voucher to spend should you click on this link ! Signing up is completely hassle free and USD5 can get you one or two magazines so please click on the link above if you are interested! =)

Thank you so much everyone! Have a lovely day! =D



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