My Little Brother Turns 20 Today

“There’s only two of us in the world.”


A killer phrase I always use on my brother should he not do my biddings. 😉 A versatile phrase that can be used in any situation. A reminder of us being the only two left should our parents pass on.

Our 4-year age gap makes me the ‘big sister’ who is supposed to be a ‘good example to your baby brother’ but… I doubt I’m much of a good example. Sorry darling C!

Like any other healthy sibling relationship, ours came with strong doses of fights and arguments but these are always settled with even stronger doses of make up sessions where C would go

‘Sorry Jie, you are the best sister in the whole white world.’

Hehe. The ‘whole white world’ phrase is an inside joke I’ve been sharing with him for the last 16 years of my life. 😉 Oh, and the big sister does no wrong. *evil cackle*

Today, he turns 20. It’s been years since I celebrated his birthday with him and that makes me really sad. =( But it’s meant to be a happy day today so…


Happy Birthday, darling brother! Many happy, happy returns! Your present will be presented to you when I get back because…. I haven’t bought you anything yet shipping costs a bit and I thought I may as well get you something bigger and better.

Here’s to many more happy, fluffy days with you!


What’s a happy post without a photo? 😉


Here’s the brother on a Segway.


p/s: Did you ask Mum and Dad for one? =D Can I share it when I come back? =p

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