Trigger-Happy Thursdays: Recap

This is a bit of a cheat post if you follow me on Twitter / Instagram but here goes anyway! =D



My dad is a bit of a classic car collector. I had to take a shot of this gorgeous Vintage / Classic Porsche for him.


Some bird decided to build a home in my family home! Credit goes to either the boyfriend or the brother who took this shot!



Mum made a Strawbery / Raspberry Meringue Roulade for the brother’s birthday. Mum bakes great cakes. I am jealous.

I attended one of my best friend’s graduation ceremony and she loves pink gerberas. I hope she liked the bouquet!


This was one of my Insta-shots. I did my own French Manicure and it was surprisingly easy to do! No need for any peel-off nail stickers / whatever. Give me a shout if you would like a tutorial! 😉



Another Insta-shot. I keep taking photos of cherries because I love them and they are currently in season!



A bit of a cheeky shot, this one. Say hello to my first NARS eyeshadows! Guess which shades I got! (Well one has its name on it but guess the other one anyway) =p



Lastly, say hello to Petey, Pillow and Pupu. My sleep must-haves! 😉



Are you doing anything nice today? 😉


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