Melvita’s Rose Extraordinary Water is nothing short of ordinary!

I stumbled upon Melvita’s flagship Malaysian store at KLCC, hidden near Isetan’s Food Market. To be honest, I would never have found the store should it not be two doors away from one of my favourite supermarkets. =p

I did not really know what to purchase other than the much raved about Floral Waters (glass bottle makes them a pain to check-in) and their Facial Oils! You can read more about the Facial Oils here and reading that lovely review made me want to try them out!

However, I decided to pick out something else, something Extraordinary if you know what I mean. 😉


There are 3 Extraordinary Waters – Rose, Orange Blossom and Narcissus. These are ‘Hyaluronic Acid Infused Gel-Waters’, as Melvita calls them.

Me? I honestly thought the Rose Extraordinary Water would make a lovely lotion mask where you saturate product onto cotton pads and then apply to your face for that extra hydration boost. These Extraordinary Waters have a slightly viscous texture which is similar to Hada Labo’s Hyaluronic Acid Lotion which led me to think it would be an excellent idea to ‘rejuvenate’ my skin by letting my skin soak up more product.

Boy I was so wrong.

Within a minute, I felt a burning sensation on my face, especially my cheeks. I quickly peeled off the cotton pads and grabbed this bottle thinking

‘Alcohol, is that you?’


Here’s the ingredient list:


Yes, alcohol’s on the list!



A quick scan through the description of the product made me realise that this formula ‘combines the repairing and ASTRINGENT properties of Rose floral water with the INVIGORATING properties of Marsh clover’ to prepare our skin for moisturiser.

Never did I expect Rose floral water to be an astringent. Taught me a stern lesson not to take things into my own hands and to actually read the fine print before attempting anything silly like that!

In all honesty, I have no idea what this product is meant to be. Melvita categorises this under their ‘Serums’ section but I see this as a toner! You can either apply this to clean, dry skin (after cleansing / Melvita Floral Water) with a cotton pad or fingers before following up with your moisturiser.

I usually use this in the mornings after cleanser, pop 3-4 drops onto a cotton pad (halved because I like to make my cotton pads go further) and then lightly swipe it all over my face. Luckily for me, swiping the Rose Extraordinary Water over my face has not caused it any harm so I suppose only having concentrated amounts of this sitting on my skin really upset it but people with extremely sensitive skin please approach this with caution!

The rose scent is quite soothing and I like using this in the mornings for when you are not quite awake yet as this gently brings you out of that zombie-mode. Citrus scents are great if you want that in-your-face-wake-up-already scent but I like to take things slowly and I find that this scent calms you down and gives me a lovely start to the day. In the evenings, the calming scent does help you relax too so personally I find this works both ways!

The Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water cost me RM78 for 100ml which I find a little steep. It did soften my skin and helped with the absorbtion of serums but I don’t know if I will repurchase this as I still have quite a few toners to go through!

Have you tried anything from Melvita? I am keen on giving their facial oils a go but I do worry they may be a tad rich for my skin! :s


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