Hit and miss.

It all started because I was bored. Annoyed, and a little worried that I’d go blind should my unruly fringe kept getting into my eyes.

I could never draw or cut in a straight line should you request that I do them freehand.

‘Trimming’ my fringe was a very bad idea from the start. I was only going to give it a little trim, but……

I butchered my fringe off. Because I refuse to pay £30 just for a fringe trim.

It wouldn’t have mattered so much if I did not have any important events to attend. At first, I let out a sigh of relief as I thought

‘All’s good, boyfriend isn’t here to make fun of me.’


Then came the nightmare:

My housemate’s graduation is in a couple of days and I’m attending it and possibly dining with her entire family after.



I can already hear her fiance and brother’s snickers. *gulp*


I guess I’ll just have to keep calm, and carry on.



By now, you must be dying to see what my fringe looks like. I will humour you and leave you with this:



Photo’s taken with Hipstamatic using their Portrait SnapPak.

If it’s any consolation, I applied a faceful of make up using newly discovered favourites and stepped out to meet a friend for lunch. A proper FOTD will be posted should you ask nicely and promise not to laugh too much. =D

Dear A* was extremely tactful and did her best not to laugh even though she gasped quite loudly the minute our eyes met.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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