Guerlain’s Terracotta La Sélection De L’été brings with it a touch of sun!




I’ve been blessed in many ways. The Guerlain Terracotta La Sélection De L’été was gifted to me by a bored friend who had to spend 8 hours in the airport due to a flight delay. She sauntered over to the Guerlain counter and remembered how I once mentioned I would really love to learn how to contour my face.

Thank you so much sweetie 🙂

So the La Sélection De L’été doesn’t only come with a bronzer / contour shade but houses 4 eyeshadows, cleverly hidden beneath the bronzer!

The case has a heavy, luxe feel to it and comes with a velvet pouch. A brush and sponge applicator is included and they sit comfortably in the pouch, as shown in the photo below:



I wouldn’t use the brush or the sponge applicator as I do not want to leave powdery stains on the lush velvety pouch. Also, the brush feels horribly scratchy and feels cheap. Regular readers would know that I have an issue with scratchy brushes – I usually chuck them out immediately after purchase but I’m keeping this because I like how its bristles are peeking out of the pouch! =) I do not usually use sponge applicators as I prefer using brushes or fingers so hopefully these two make up tools will sit happily ever after in their pouch!


I’m going to gush about the packaging again. The first tier that houses the bronzer is held shut via a magnet and I just love how it sounds when you lift and close the lid as it gives such a gentle *click* everytime you bring the lid down. I don’t know how Guerlain does it. Usually if you bring two magnets together (opposite sides, of course) they get so excited that they come together clumsily, producing a loud clanky noise that sounds unrefined. This? The magnets on this palette welcome their opposite halves with a peck on the cheek that ends in a gentle, posh, almost silent thud.

I was so impressed that I was tempted to film a video demonstrating how lovely it sounds.


The second tier which houses the eyeshadows is held together via a clasp which equals boring so I’m not going to elaborate on that.

Anyway, here’s the bronzer:



Ladies, I’m afraid the actual product looks two shades darker than this and takes on a redder tinge. I tried my best to capture the colour of this bronzer but I still have a lot to learn in terms of exposure and such. The bronzer looks more like a face powder in the above photo, doesn’t it? :s

For starters, this product contains very fine red and gold shimmer. Not chunky. Only visible when you peer closely at the pan. The powder itself is brown and has a slight orange undertone to it. Finely milled it is and I do not worry about overapplying this because this is not a dark bronzer but a nice light / medium product that blends beautifully onto my skin. Having had no experience with contouring, this is a nice introductory bronzer for me due to its lighter shade. I have not used the darker shade as stripey cheeks are not my cuppa tea.

Here’s a swatch, taken with my fingers:


The lighter shade’s on the left, darker on the right. Swatches were taken with only one swipe. The ever so slight orange undertone doesn’t turn my skin ruddy and looks rather pleasant when applied!


Onto the eyeshadows!



Four shades that wear beautifully either alone or with each other! Clockwise from top left:

Khaki – a beautiful green with red / gold shimmer

Gold – shimmery gold that makes a nice over the lid colour / highlighter

Beige – When this sits with the other three eyeshadows, it looks matte but upon closer inspection it does contain a minimal amount of shimmer. A nice nude colour that I usually use as a base

Purple – deep purple with red / gold shimmer

I see a similar red / gold shimmer theme running through this palette. Do you? 😉


These eyeshadows are best applied with a brush! I tried to do arm swatches with my fingers but it just wouldn’t show up. However, my fingertips picked the colour up beautifully so here’s a fingertip swatch instead!



I personally love greens, golds and purples so this palette reminded me of my Inglot palette ! Honestly, Inglot has the one of the most pigmented and buttery eyeshadows I have ever laid my hands on and I have not found another that rivals that of Inglot’s yet. Guerlain’s, on the other hand is more forgiving as it is easier to blend the eyeshadow out should you make a mistake like I do most of the time whereas with Inglot you pick up so much product with one swipe that you are left with little room for alteration.


Now for the moment of truth…. A FOTD!



Here’s what I used on my face:

1. Bourjois Perfect 123 Foundation in shade 51

2. Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Perles d’Azur Meteorites

3. Guerlain Terracotta Blush & Sun Sheer Bronzing Blush in 01 Sun Light

4. Guerlain Terracotta La Sélection De L’été bronzer



Beige as a base, Gold in center, Khaki and Purple blended into the crease. I primed my eyelids with Urban Decay’s Primer Potion beforehand. Oh and a bit of Shiseido’s Perfect Defining Volume Mascara too.



Guerlain Rose Piquant Rouge G Lipstick



My eye sacks are in full view today as I forgot to apply undereye concealer. :s The horror! =D But should you like a closer look at how I did my eyes, here’s a closer shot.



In case you are wondering, no I do not think I sport a sculpted face in these photos! I applied the bronzer with a really light hand as I did not want to risk looking weird as I was heading to lunch with some friends but boy did I get compliments, only after they gasped, pointed fingers at my butchered fringe and went

‘Where on earth did you get your fringe cut?!?’



How do you like the look? Any better suggestions on how I should use these eyeshadows? Think I should stop doing these FOTDs as I look ridiculous? Let me know in the comments! =D

Have a lovely day!


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