Giving myself a Healthy Back with the Earth DNA Pack by Healthy Back Bag!

Other than makeup, I have a serious obsession with bags. Handbags, messengers, satchels, clutches… You name it, I want it.

It takes very little to enable me. You want to tempt me into purchasing something? Sing praises! Give me a good reason to buy it (preferably health-related) and I am sold.

A bag that’s appealing to my discerning eye and cares for your back? Here you go, ladies – the Healthy Back Bag by Ameribag! The one presented here is the Healthy Back Bag from their Earth range, aptly named Earth DNA Pack in the colour Spruce:

The Healthy Back Bags in the Earth DNA range and are made out of recycled PET bottles. They come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. I have this in Small which has a 7 litre capacity and weighs 420g by itself.

In case you are interested in the dimensions, here you go:

35cm x 23cm x 12.5cm

I have to say this is one of the smaller bags I’ve owned. I am a fan of big, box-like bags as the paranoid me likes being prepared. For everything. I carry all sorts (mostly rubbish) in my bag so it is refreshing to own something in this size. Declutter, Sukie! =D

A little more on the Healthy Back Bag company: the bags are developed to address the problems that can be caused by a one strap bag and the aim is to create bags that look fantastic, comfortable for everyone to wear and finally, distributes weight evenly down the spine and not away from the body.

Hence, the unique teardrop shape of the bag helps distribute the weight we carry evenly along the length of our backs rather than pulling from one point of our shoulder.

It also helps that all Healthy Back Bags are water-resistant! Yes, even those made out of fabrics are treated to be water-resistant. This is very important for me because it rains all the time in wet, wet England.

Yes, peeps. Even in Summer. All through the year. They don’t refer to England as the land of the grey skies for nothing. 😉


Another view because I think it’s quite pretty, in a rugged sense. =D


I do a lot of walking about and this takes a toll on my knees and back. Having to walk up a rather steep slope to the University makes it more difficult if I were to carry a shoulder bag or a messenger as I can really feel the weight on my shoulders.

Here’s what I usually carry in my bag during a normal ‘school day’:

1. Water Bottle (1 litre)

2. Purse

3. Umbrella

4. Lunch of the day


Doesn’t look like much but when you are trudging up a steep hill in the mornings and walking through campus hurts my shoulders if I’m pop everything into a Cath Kidston Day Bag or even my Timbuk2 Messenger bag. Using the Timbuk2 irritates me mildly as the messenger keeps slapping my thigh with every step I take. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my handbags and messengers but the Earth DNA Pack is great when I’ll be doing a lot of ‘strenuous’ walking. You have to visit Kent to fully understand what the term ‘rolling hills’ mean.


To the bag! The strap is gel-padded to ensure better grip and comfort! They do not feel squishy (although I hoped they were because I have fidgety fingers) and work really well as I barely feel anything on my shoulders when I wear the bag!



The Healthy Back Bag is a subsidiary of Ameribag and this is why we have the Ameribag logo at the bottom of the shoulder strap:


Did I mention the strap can be clipped to either bottom corner of the bag? =D


Here’s a view from the back:


Padded back panel and spot the hidden back pocket!

I especially love the hidden back pocket as this is where I hide my purse:


This back pocket is really convenient as I can just swing the bag to the front and gain acess to the hidden pocket without needing to dig through the contents of my bag or even putting my bag on the counter (as many of us do when making payment)!

The front compartment contains a mesh coin purse, two pen slots and a key hook. Built-in compartments are my cup of tea as this turns messy, disorganised me into a freakishly organised lady.



Photo isn’t great, but I promise you this is an awesome bag. 😉


Here’s what the main compartment looks like:


Personally, I like that the mouth opens wide enough for me to gain access to the contents. I’m confident enough with this because I know my purse is hidden in the back pocket and no one other than myself can get to it so that’s reassuring! There’s another pocket inside the main compartment and this is slightly padded and fits my mobile phone in comfortably. I would not place my phone in there though as I will have trouble hearing it when I’m out and about.



This bag just about fits my Bobble bottle, an umbrella and a Tupperware container filled with nuts because I like to snack on them and it keeps the chocolate cravings at bay. Alright who am I kidding. Nothing ever keeps those cravings at bay. 😉


By the way, I found an awesome self-proclaimed lippie compartment in the Earth DNA Pack:


Nestled right at the tip of the bag! This fits even the bulky Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks comfortably with room to spare. 😉

Ever since I received this bag it has been a staple daily bag for university! I also paired this bag with a dress and I wore this look to my housemate’s graduation! I was torn between using this and a girly handbag but this won me over as I was carrying my camera and wanted a free hand to take photos! It was also very wet that day and the Earth DNA Pack kept my camera high and dry. =) The size of bag was the sole reason why it went well with the dress, another friend commented as this bag just fits snugly on my back and doesn’t look overly rugged even though the shade gives out a rather military feel. Am I alone in this or do you share the same sentiments?

I usually wear this bag across my body as it’s what I’m most comfortable with…. Like this:


Haha! I’m not much of a model, you can tell just by looking at that awkward back and pose of mine. I’m wearing a gaudy-looking dye dress I bought from a Kelantanese bazaar for about RM20 / £4. This is what I wear at home, folks. 😉 If you were one of the inquisitive ones who clicked on the photo and saw my mobile phone peeking out, this is not how I store my phone. Prior to taking this photo, I was engaged in deep conversation with my maid of honour but I had to quickly abandon her for a while to take this shot so the phone was hastily chucked into the outer compartment. =)

I have worn the bag on my shoulders too and I am really impressed with how the bag never fell off my shoulders! This brought me back to my schooling days where the ‘cool’ guys and girls always wore their school bags on one shoulder… I’m one of those geeky ones who always had to wear both the straps as the straps somehow slip off my shoulder should I attempt to be cool.


I guess the gel pads really helped then! I can now be one of the cool girls! =D


I have someone to thank for my newfound addiction to ‘gadgety’ bags like this one : Steph. She first introduced me to the wonderful world of Timbuk2 bags as she herself owns one! I remember ooh-ing and aah-ing over her lovely messenger during our first meet up in Midvalley and I have not been able to get it out of my mind since! I purchased a Timbuk2 backpack for the boyfriend as a birthday present and even the fussy lad is impressed with its really cool and well-designed compartments. 😉

The Healthy Back Bag’s Earth DNA Pack brings the well thought out design with healthy backs in mind! I also feel the Earth DNA range trumps the original Healthy Back Bag designs as the latter does not come with a hidden back pocket which is such a shame! I have to admit that the original Healthy Back Bag looks classy and can be worn on any occasion but the Earth DNA takes on a more casual look.

As we all know, good things do not come cheap. The Earth DNA Pack in Small costs £44 but I was lucky enough to bag an offer so the bag worked out cheaper. 😉

I am on a bag ban now because I have more than enough bags for me to pass on to my future 10 children (how the boyfriend puts it) and this bag has surpassed my high expectations even though I approached the size with a dash of apprehension and slight biasedness as larger sized bags are my kinda thing.

If I can, this bag gets a 11/10 rating. My back is happy. My knees are happy. I am happy.

If you are school / university going and you lug textbooks, I recommend the Medium-sized bag for you as it fits books and other items better than this. This is more of a casual outing-sized bag so it’s just enough to fit the bare necessities.

Perfect bag for pretty much everything and with this, I give the Healthy Back Bag Earth DNA Pack the elusive Holy Grail status!

Have you ever owned a bag that made you this happy? Practicality and comfort won me over in this one! =)

Have a great Saturday, everyone and just a plug…





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