A Quick Cure for Peeling Hands: Kiehl’s Ultimate Hand Salve

Sometimes, bargains do go very wrong. In my case, I opted out of purchasing my usual Fairy Washing Up Liquid in favour of a cheaper alternative – Waitrose’s Essential Washing Up Liquid. Prior to this, I have been a loyal Fairy Liquid customer, buying bottle after bottle until I found a buy one get one free offer on Waitrose’s Washing Up Liquid which cost only 68p as opposed to Fairy Liquid’s £1.25 (or so I think).

Big mistake. Here’s what happened to my hands:


That’s only the tip of the iceberg. My palms were peeling like no tomorrow and they looked like two slabs of raw meat. :s I had run out of my trusty Doublebase Gel. Then, I remembered I had a big tube of this in my stash:


A gift from Mummy quite a while ago! An industrial-strength hand cream, this protects and repairs against severe dryness caused by heavy industrial work, manual labour, neglect or exposure to harsh elements.

Yes, doing dishes is considered heavy industrial work. 😉 Boyfriend, I hope you are reading this. Haha!

While reading the blurb on the tube this caught my eye:

‘Our blend of select ingredients allows skin to actually draw and absorb water from the air, forming a ‘glove-like’ protective barrier against moisture loss.’

I’m all for anything that would protect my hands against moisture loss because:

1. I wash my hands. A lot. I blame my OCD.

2. Hard water in South East England = need more protection against moisture loss.

3. Who doesn’t want soft, smooth hands? 😉


I am going to cut the chase and say this is the best hand cream I’ve used yet. Texture is balmy and non greasy, has a strong hint of Eucalyptus in it but I quite like the medicated scent so all is well. Within two days of using the hand cream at night before bed and in the mornings before I head out to work, my hands are no longer peeling and feel really soft and moisturised!

Ultimate Strength indeed. Hands down the best hand saviour I’ve used to date.

Here’s the ingredient list:



Amazing stuff. No wonder Mum got it for me. Thanks Mummy! <3


If you suffer from dry hands like me, drop by any Kiehl’s outlet and I am sure the friendly SAs will happily provide you with a sample of this to try out! Also, they do a recycling program where you can recycled empty full-sized Kiehl’s products in exchange for deluxe-sized samples. I’m all for freebies like these because you not only help the environment by recycling, you receive generously sized samples too! =D


Has anyone tried this before? Do you have a favourite hand cream you can’t leave without?


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