5 Lusts of the Month!

Hi everyone! The lovely Steph and I decided we will do a weekly tag post where we will randomly choose a topic every week and write about it! In the first installment of our weekly session, we felt it was only apt to reveal our 5 Lusts of the Month. My lusts / lemmings vary on a weekly basis so I think we will be making this a monthly feature just to see if our fickle minds have the ability to lust after the same item for long!


Let’s get on to it, shall we?


1. Canon EOS 60D

Photo source

Ah. A DSLR. Truth is, I have always wanted to own a DSLR. Back in October 2010 I was contemplating if I should purchase a DSLR or a semi-pro camera. I went with the latter because the boyfriend felt that a DSLR would be too bulky for me to lug around. I gave in to his naggings and went for the Olympus Pen EPL-1. However, deep down inside I still wanted to own a DSLR. A few days ago, my sister from another mister reignited my desire to own one of these babies so this is currently on top of my lust list.

Why the 60D, you ask?

SWIVEL SCREEN, is my answer. =p

Photo source

For the uninitiated, a Swivel Screen is a camwhore’s best friend! Or a vlogger’s best friend! This chunky baby records in Full HD too so even though I have not mastered how to use a DSLR (or even my semi-pro) owning this will make life so much easier for me when it comes to taking FOTDs because you have no idea how I struggle to take FOTDs with the Olympus. O.o


2. A William Welstead Ring

Photo source


I want my engagement ring to look like this. A roughly cut semi-precious stone set in 18k Rose Gold. Hello boyfriend I hope you are reading this. 😉


3. A Customised Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

Photo source


Even though I love my Earth DNA Healthy Back Bag to bits, the bag addict in me cannot resist wanting to add even more bags to my already overflowing bag collection. =D I own a Timbuk2 Laptop Bondage Messenger Bag but I have always wanted a Customised messenger. This means you get to personalise everything, from the colour to the interior pockets right down to the shoulder pads. But the price for a Customised bag is rather steep so this will stay on my lust list for quite a long time… or until I get myself to America where the Customised bag can be shipped to Wes’ home for free haha!


4. Hakuhodo Brushes


Photo source


Hakuhodo eye brushes, to be exact. I would love to own a set of really good eyeshadow brushes so I will never need to purchase another. =p



5. Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone


Photo source


This has been on my ‘want’ list for well over a year. I kept shelving the decision to purchase this because Pearl is often out of stock at Zuneta and I couldn’t find Becca’s standalone store in London. Well I think we nearly found the store but it started pouring so hard that I lost the mood to carry on looking for it. =p And now they’ve released a new shade – Moonstone which is a shade that’s in between Pearl and Opal. It’s not as white as Pearl and not as pink as Opal so I think I would love to own this shade! Now if Zuneta will get this back in stock I’d snap it up in an instant!


What are your 5 lusts of the month? Do share and be sure to check out Steph’s list! If you have a blog yourself and would like to join in the fun please leave us a link in the comment box below and we will hop over! =)



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