Saturday Photo Meme – What’s in Your Bag?

Hiya! I frequently stalk Yumeko’s blog (please follow her, she takes such lovely photos!) where recently she’s started this photo meme thing which I found to be quite fun and they make great filler posts too! Hehe!

I thought I’d make this a Saturday Photo Meme instead of a Friday one due to our time zone difference. Yumeko lives in Japan whereas I live in the UK! By the time I read Yumeko’s blog it’s pretty much Friday afternoon / evening here so I find it a little late to churn out a post then. I hope this is okay with you, Yumeko!

It would be lovely if we could get more people to join in the fun!

So in this Photo Meme edition, we reveal what’s in our bags based on 5 questions.

Are you ready? =D

1. Cellphone / Mobile phone

This is my battered iPhone case. Bought it with the boyfriend from one of those island shops at Sunway Pyramid for RM68 which is a rip off for the quality you get but I was desperate for one as he accidentally broke my other case. Tsk tsk. Does anyone have any good iPhone cases / covers to recommend?

2. Wallet / Purse / Whatever you keep your money in

I have two purses (because girls can never be satisfied with only one), with the other being my Cath Kidston one which is still very much in use. The red Filofax leather purse gets used when I have a lot of other stuff to carry or, when I’m using a small bag as the Cath Kidston one can be a little bulky. I purchased this from Filofax’s Covent Garden store during the Summer Sales last year and fast forward nearly a year later, it’s still looking as good as new!

3. Something in your wallet (cards / coins / money / whatever)

Mostly drugstore loyalty cards, as you can see! =D Boots, Superdrug, Clarins and Debenhams are the places where I spend most of my erm, allowance but these cards ensure that I get my money’s worth! I even have a Residents Card because that gives me discounts when dining at places such as Pattiserie Valerie and gives me free access to certain museums in town. I’m a bit of a nerd like that. Holland and Barrett is where I purchase my health supplements / food but this is relatively new so I’m not sure what the rewards are like. The Bite Card gives me a good 20% discount off certain food outlets at all train stations in the UK. Finally, there’s the Tesco Clubcard (boring) and my weekly bus pass! This is the first time I’ve purchased a bus pass since coming back as I haven’t been very well so I thought I’d treat myself to taking the bus all week before reverting back to using my feet.

There you go, I love my discount cards and I never go anywhere without these cards! Boots, especially as there’s a Boots pharmacy everywhere and you just never know what you may find! =D

4. Makeup you carry on the go

The only beauty product I carry is usually a lippie where I have Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Boy housed in a batik lipstick case. I thought I should add in sunscreen and hand sanitiser because they are my must have items and I never leave home without these.

5. Whatever else you wish to share from your bag

Another must have is the umbrella. If you reside in the UK, you must never ever leave home without a brolly… Unless the ‘wet look’ is what you’re after! 😉 I have been carrying my iPad around and it sleeps in this beautiful iPad sleeve that Mum got it custom made for me before I left home!

I decided to do this with Stephanie of Beaute Fabuleuse so please head to her blog to see what she’s got in her bag!

It’s fun having a little peek into what others have in their bag! Please let us know if you decide to do this Meme and leave a link in the comment box below so we can hop over to your blog to say hello!

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone! My Saturday will be spent at work but hearing from you readers will certainly make my day. =)



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