Review: Guerlain by Emilio Pucci’s Terracotta Gloss in #12 Porto Azzurro

It’s Monday again! I have decided to conquer Monday Blues with a…. Blue Lipgloss! I need another lipgloss like I need another bag. Haha, I kid. This is the only lipgloss I have for now after I used up both my Chanel Vitalumiere and Bourjois Effet 3D Max lipglosses.

You can tell how far I’ve come with make up once you’ve read those two posts! ;)

I headed to Fenwick on the 1st of June as that’s when the collection is released in store with only one item in mind – Perles d’Azur but the SA immediately grabbed my arm and swatched Porto Azzurro on it. I spluttered

‘But it’s… blue!’

Precisely, was her answer. After attending the quickest masterclass on why you need a blue lipgloss ever, this is the end result:

There are 3 shades in this collection and they are all named after iconic Pucci Silk Scarves. Other than this indigo blue lipgloss, there’s #11 Porto Ercole (brown) and #10 Porto Fino (coral pink).

The box (as well as the lid of Perles d’Azur) is lined with a blue / green print inspired by the ‘Winter Capri’ Pucci print, extracted from the fashion house’s print archive. The lipgloss is a lovely sight to behold, housed in a delicate-looking plastic tube with a smoky bronze cap whose colour is very similar to the tortoise shell outer packaging of Guerlain’s Terracotta products. I also noticed that the shade of the lipgloss is exactly the same as the darkest blue shade on the Pucci print and this connection made me really happy to think that the packaging of the lipgloss takes on a little bit of both powerhouses, if that makes any sense at all. ;)

The cap bears some resemblance to Guerlain’s Kohl Kajal eyeliners as dear Steph pointed out and it has Guerlain’s signature double G logo engraved around the cap. The lightness of the lipgloss took me aback a little as the build of the product seemed so solid to the extent of it being too solid looking to be such a lightweight!

From the tube, the gloss looks jelly-like and just staring deeply at the indigo blue shade transports me away from this dreary weather and brings sunshine into my mind! I suppose the excitement of owning a blue lipgloss contributed greatly to this.

The cap houses a doe foot applicator and the lipgloss takes on more of a purple tint than blue when swatched:

You need a blue lipgloss in your stash because:

1. It makes your teeth look whiter.

2. Correcting properties! It cools down warm / dark lippies and breathes new life into those lipsticks you set aside thinking they were ‘wrong purchases’! Dig them out and apply a layer of this and watch as the magic unfolds itself!

3. With it being summer where everyone’s sporting the tanned look, having a cool-toned lip colour tones down the bronzed look and hence, balances the overall look!


Porto Azzurro is non-sticky, moisturising and does not contain shimmer. When applied to bare lips, a blue tint is evident (wonder why Guerlain says it goes on transparent) but this works a treat when layered over lipsticks! I’ve tried this with 2 of my lippies and it transforms the shades.

As the weather’s been dreary, I haven’t been able to take lip swatches of this but this will be featured in upcoming FOTDs.

This is such a lovely addition to my stash and I think everyone needs to own an off-beat coloured lipgloss like this one! What do you think? ;)

10 thoughts on “Review: Guerlain by Emilio Pucci’s Terracotta Gloss in #12 Porto Azzurro

    1. S

      You will be seeing one soon! I have just purchased a tripod so hopefully I'll be taking better photos HAHAHA i wish!

    1. S

      Hello Yasumi! =) Thank you for dropping by <3 no it will not make you look like the Snow Queen and perhaps it will boost our telepathy skills should we both wear the blue gloss at the same time! =D


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