Bottoms Up: It’s Deluxe-sized samples month!

Gosh, where did the first half of the year go? I spent almost the entire first half of the year at home and now it’s June! *pinches self in hopes of waking up from this awful realisation*

Anyway, I’ve put off blogging long enough and I can safely say that I’m finally back on track! First up, I have used up quite a few products since coming back to the UK as many of them were nearly empty before I left!


I’ve got quite a few products there, haven’t I? 😉 It’s a lovely month of finishing, and rediscovering long forgotten favourites!

1. The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel I do like The Body Shop’s Shower Gels and always pick them up during sales when they go really cheap. I remember picking this up for £1.50 along with a few body butters. =)

2. Shiseido’s Tsubaki Hair Spa Conditioner I really like this conditioner! I only need one pump for my shoulder-length hair and it made my hair soft, tangle-free and glossy. Very good product but it’s not likely I will repurchase as this range is not available in the UK.

3. Dead Sea Spa Magik Body Lotion Used up this deluxe sample rather quickly due to it’s watery texture but I feel this did not moisturise my dry skin enough so even though it would make a lovely summer body moisturiser I wouldn’t repurchase as I much rather have a product that will go the distance. 😉

4. Doublebase Gel This is my lifesaver when I get KP breakouts. Calms the skin down in a jiffy!

5. Clinique’s Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream I happily slipped this sample-sized tube into my hand bag and found myself constantly reaching out for it as my hands have been peeling and I can’t seem to pinpoint the exact reason why!

6. Clinique’s Moisture Surge Gel Another deluxe-sized sample I used up this month! I love Moisture Surge and always keep a tub with me as this pink gel never fails to rescue my dry, parched skin when I need it to!

7. Nivea’s Pure and Natural Hand Cream Had to force myself to use this up. I first purchased this when the range launched way back last year but I didn’t like how it left an oily film on my hands so I put it aside for the longest time ever but I’m glad I’ve finally used it up!

8. Vichy’s Aqua Thermal Cream (Light) Lovely, basic moisturiser!

9. Sana’s Hadanomy Collagen Mist Been using this as a lotion mask during my skin’s worst days and I’m so sad that I’ve finally run out! Sad times as again, this isn’t available locally. But fret not! I think I’ve found the European equivalent (okay it’s a lot better than Sana’s) in Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir which I will review in due time! =D

10. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion I cannot use Clinique’s DDML as it broke me out and gave me oil seeds *gasp* so I used this deluxe-sized sample as a body lotion. =p

11. Eau Thermal Avene A staple in my daily routine!

12. Clarin’s UV Plus HP Dayscreen SPF40 Been meaning to review this but never had the chance to due to my tardiness. I like the texture but I still burned after spending only 45 minutes without being in direct contact with the sun (had a picnic with friends under a shady tree) and I do slap on tons of sunscreen so I’m still wondering why my skin reacted that way. Guess some mysteries will never be solved!

Phew! I’m really glad I used up so many products this month, so here’s to an eventful June! Here in the UK we are celebrating the Jubilee Weekend which comes with an extended Bank Holiday weekend (public holiday in Malaysian jargon) until Tuesday. I am thinking of heading to watch The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant in London but am a little worried about the crowd.. What do you think? =)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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