Trigger-Happy Thursday: Spring hath commeth!

Hello! As I pack, and unpack my life once more I thought I’d show you snippets of what’s life like over here!

It’s spring. It’s meant to be spring but the Great British Weather has better plans for us mere mortals. I came back expecting to see bursts of brightly coloured flowers everywhere but……

This greeted me:


At first glance, winter’s still very much a part of the English weather. But if you look closely at the photo you may just see a hint of life peeking out, perhaps suggesting a new beginning.

I have a sinus problem. Only in England. During spring, hayfever overtakes my life, rendering me useless. For weeks at an end I will be teary-eyed, looking like I’m mourning the loss of a loved one. However, the above photo has nothing to do with hayfever. I digress, as usual. =D The flu bug hit me the minute I landed in the UK and the above photo represents my essential go-away-flu kit. First, we have Kleenex’s Ultra Soft Tissues (a lifesaver. I can blow / rub my nose without having to worry about my nose peeling after) Then there’s Lemsip Max Cold and Flu capsules to fight the bug. Olbas oil clears a blocked nose really well, so does Origins Peace of Mind. =D I have a ty Beanie Ballz to keep me company during stressful times. Throw it everywhere and it still stands on its feet! =D




Westgate Towers in Canterbury. One of my favourite buildings in town. Vehicles are now prohibited from driving through the tower!

Ah, the road less taken. We meet again. =)



Daffodils in bloom.



I hope you are having a lovely Thursday! =)


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