Review: Revlon Photoready Concealer SPF20 in 002 Light

I’ve been turning to drugstore products of late, what with all the glorious offers both Boots and Superdrug have in store for us! =D

Boots recently did a £3 off Revlon products for Boots Advantage Card holders and I happily took up the offer as I was in search of a miracle product that erases my eye sacks.

By definition of ‘miracle product’, yours truly means she is in search of a cheap and truly good product that is capable of at least reducing impact of people gasping in horror at the sight of my naked, unconcealed sacks.

Those who have been following me on Twitter would know that I’ve been having trouble sleeping which has amplified the size (and darkness) of my undereye area. Even my trusty Garnier Undereye Roll On simply refused to hide anything so I thought I should head out and give this Photoready Concealer a go. =)

Priced at £6.49, this stick concealer cost me an affordable £3.49 after discount. 😉

I purchased the concealer in Light as we only get 3 shades here in the UK – Light, Light Medium and Medium. I swatched both Light and Light Medium but figured Light would suit me better as it leans yellow which really helps neutralise my dark circles whereas Light Medium’s darker and has more of a pink undertone.



Sorry that looks like a rather off and overly exposed shot of the product! Am not very good at photo editing and the iPad’s my only blogging tool for now so I’m still learning how to use both the tablet and it’s many applications! Thank you all for your patience <3   Housed in a 3.2g stick, the product is compact and I see myself bringing this on my travels due to its versatility. 😉 My first impressions of this is that it’s very soft and pigmented when I gave the testers a go in-store and I was rather impressed as I wouldn’t want an undereye concealer to drag on my skin, especially the delicate eye area. As much as I loathe my eye sacks I much rather live with them rather than with crows feet. The horror of having premature wrinkles around my eyes! *lives in denial and pretends she’s forever 21* Revlon claims that this product gives you that ‘flawless, airbrushed appearance in any light’ and I found this to be quite true… Until the concealer melts away! =p I had no trouble blending the concealer into my skin as I do not have dry skin but I’ve read elsewhere that others noted that this product goes on cakey. This wasn’t the case when I used it so I’m happy to report that I found it really easy to use! Just swipe once under each eye and gently blend out (I pat it out with my ring fingers) and your eye area brightens immediately! On bad days, I repeat the process twice before setting with powder and I find that this helps the concealer go further. However, lasting power isn’t great as I only managed to squeeze about 4 hours of wear before gasping in horror at the sight of those sacks when I headed to the loo so touch ups are a must for me when using this product. Another thing to note is that this concealer contains glitter. They aren’t in-your-face but obvious enough for me to notice their existence so I would not use this concealer on blemishes as it would just scream ‘Hello everyone look at me!’ 😉 I’m still in search of a good undereye concealer as my eye sacks are really scaring the daylights out of everyone, bf included. Recently he commented ‘Oh my goodness you’ve got triple sacks on your left eye!’   +____+  

We were doing a video call, mind you where the video quality isn’t that great so I was mortified that even he noticed the severity of those darn sacks!

I’m turning to you lovely readers now in hopes of hiding or perhaps, curing them completely! Please help!!


I’ll end this post with the obligatory swatch photo:


Once again, I’m sorry the photo’s small! I’m currently battling against photo sizes and I wonder why my photos are all weirdly sized these days! =(


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