Hair woes solved with this affordable duo from Pantene!

Okay, I am not big on Pantene. In fact, I used to stay away from the brand as their other ranges (they used to do a green and purple label range) turned my scalp flaky, itchy and bumpy.

Now that I’m a poor student in the UK without a good reason to visit good ol’ Bicester Village where I usually stock up on my L’occitane hair products by the luggage load, I resorted to stalking Boots for a much cheaper and hopefully better, alternative.

Who doesn’t like a bargain? Boots did this 2 for £5 offer back in November across the Pantene range and I thought I might as well give the Aqua Light range a go as it’s formulated for fine hair which sounded great. Instead of going for the Aqua Light shampoo, I went for their Repair and Protect conditioner for Normal – Thick Hair because I have this funny idea that conditioners shouldn’t be light…. They should be very moisturising so I came to the conclusion that the Aqua Light conditioner wouldn’t be conditioning enough for me.



Sadly, I never got to use these products until now as I was trying to use up travel-sized products I amassed over the years (and they did wreck havoc on my scalp) but I dug these bottles out and started using them!

Being the bad blogger that I am, I didn’t bother taking photos of the products when they were new so apologies for showing you already used bottles!


For starters, Pantene created the Aqua Light range for Fine Hair where it’s meant to help nourish the hair by every strand and leaves the hair with virtually no weight. On the other hand, the Repair and Protect range provides protection and resilience especially from styling damage and prevents split ends from forming.


Living in the UK, especially in the South East comes with a massive price to pay – the water’s rock hard and this leaves us with dry hair and skin. Hence, moisturising products are a must-have! Also, hard water makes it difficult for products to foam up so I was rather surprised that the Aqua Light foams up beautifully even though I didn’t use very much! On the downside, this means that the product comes choc-ful with SLS but it’s not something I’m too fussy about. 😉 The above photo depicts one month’s usage for my slightly-over-the-shoulder length hair and this is the only shampoo I’ve been using for the past month. I usually alternate between a clarifying shampoo and a moisturising one as my scalp becomes congested if I only use moisturising shampoos but with the Aqua Light shampoo I only noticed product build up after over one month’s use! Impressive by my standards =p

I’m not too fussy with conditioners, as long as they leave my hair tangle-free and well conditioned. This Repair and Protect conditioner did all of the above and did not leave my hair feeling heavy so this gets a huge thumbs up from me!


This is one of the rare times when I’m glad I made an impulse purchase. I would repurchase only if there’s an offer in store because now that I’ve left my comfort zone (have always been loyal to L’occitane over the last 4 years) I am ready to try other brands!!


I’ll end this post with…. A question to all you lovely readers!


I discovered that my housemate has been using my conditioner (yep, the one above) and she practically emptied it. Would you


a. confront her

b. keep your toiletries in your room and pretend the incident never happened


Please help! =D Extra brownie points if you managed to guess which approach I took =)





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