Trigger-Happy Thursdays: some ninja shots and more! =D

Spotted at the Guerlain: They now have a whitening range! 
I’ve got my eye on their liquid foundation but the SA kept insisting my shade’s 03 which I thought looked too dark for me so I guess I’ll wait until someone *cough* Paris *cough* reviews this! =D
I headed down to Malacca a while ago and bought quite a few things from this lovely hotel lobby shop called Flower Fairies at the Renaissance Hotel, Malacca. I think I’ll just dedicate an entire blog post to this lovely shop because it just caters to my love for BATIK and ALL THINGS PRETTY. 

These two bags are handmade by a lovely local Malaccan named Rosa. These photos do not do justice to the beauty of the bags so lets just say this is a sneak peek of my little Malaccan haul post! =D
I’ve been crazy over Rakuzen’s Beef Nabe (hotpot). Been going for this with the boyfriend as the broth is extremely refreshing and don’t you just love the look of marbled beef? 😉
A while ago, we spent the weekend at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The lovely check-in staff at the Horizon Club gave me this book so I thought I should have some sushi whilst indulging in a bit of chick lit! 😉
We stayed in one of Shangri-La’s gorgeous suites:
Perfectly made bed with the plushes pillows one can sink their head onto.
Nespresso machine to make the perfect cuppa. We have a Nespresso machine at home and I always ship Nespresso capsules back to the parents when I’m in the UK so we asked Mr. Mike Chan of the Horizon Club on where they purchased the capsules! In addition to us getting Nespresso Malaysia’s contact number, he even gave us an entire sleeve of Nespresso capsules and another handful to take home with us!!! Thank you so much <3 
We even had a mini study! =)
Finally, I managed to persuade Mum to start using this! =D

Found an amazing place that serves amazing afternoon tea! Scones with REAL CLOTTED CREAM in Malaysia at a reasonable price. It’s close to where I live too, which is an added bonus!! 
Last month, I lost yet another favourite restaurant of mine – Country Farm Organics Restaurant at Bangsar Village. They serve the most amazing brown rice bee hoon soup, as shown in the above photo. T___T
Also another favourite that will be missed: Their Viking Lover smoothie: 
All sorts of berries crushed and blended with soy ice-cream (which is the bomb). You will be missed. *tears* 
Shouldn’t end the post on such a sad note, should I? 😉
Scallop topped with caviar. Drool-worthy much? =D
How has your week been? =) 


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