Review: Leaders Clinic Clinie Teatree Healing Mask

Hello everyone! I’m a huge fan of sheet masks so I was thrilled when Hansaegee Nature sent me 2 masks of my choice to review. I chose their Teatree Healing Solution Mask as I was suffering from a bad breakout then.

Isn’t the thumbs-up pen cute? =D

Hansaegee Nature carries the Leaders Clinic Clinie brand whereby the products are developed by dermatologists in Seoul, Korea. Recently, Leader’s Clinic has been renamed Beauty Clinic whereby their products are 100% Korean manufactured with patented formulation through clinical trials. Having won 5 patents, Beauty Clinic continuously strives to develop higher quality products through the use of cutting-edge medical technology products to improve and further enhance their users’ skin condition.

The Teatree Healing Solution Masks contains Teatree Oil, Pine Needle and Portulaca Oleracea extract which helps soothe and minimise breakouts. I was a little sceptical on how a mask can help with breakouts but my skin was breaking out at an astonishing rate that I was willing to give anything a go just to calm my reactive skin down.

Upon opening the packet, this mask drips with essence!

The silk cellulose sheet mask is designed to adhere to the skin and allow maximum absorbtion. I am happy to say that the sheet feels sturdy and is rather thick, unlike sheet masks of some brands where I worry I may just tear the mask apart with my grubby fingers. =)

The mask is big enough for my big face so I’ll give a huge thumbs up for this!

Pardon me being in my PJs, I like putting on masks before I head to bed as my perfect way to unwind after a long day is to curl up in bed with a book in my hand and a sheet mask on my face =) 
Leaders Clinic recommends the mask is used twice a week for optimal results but I found the mask to be a little drying for me. Then again, I suppose the Teatree Healing Solution Mask is meant to be a little drying as to dry those zits up! Upon first use, I find that the redness on my nose and chin area (where the breakouts are at their worse) has been considerably reduced although I did wake up with slightly dry patches around my cheeks as my skin’s drier there. Breakouts-wise, I did not experience any miraculous disappearing of spots overnight but it helped minimise some of the larger (and angrier) ones. 
I had quite a bit of leftover serum / essence from the sheet mask and I continued applying them onto the zits and the breakouts on my chin healed in about a week! 
I actually cut the mask up for my second use as my cheeks couldn’t quite tolerate the drying properties of this mask and kept the remaining sheets in a ziplock bag! 
Retailing at RM8.90 each, this mask has helped me tremendously with those dreadful breakouts but be sure to moisturise your face after as this can be drying for dry-skinned gals! 

Do you use sheet masks? What are your fail-proof remedies for breakouts? Do share them with me as my skin has been extremely temperamental of late… =(


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