Sampling Sundays: Daiso Natural Sea Sponge

This blogger has been rather naughty lately with her going about town doing absolutely nothing other than spending (not very much, but enough) money on cute, but ‘rather useless items’ – a phrase that has been spewed at me by someone near and dear. =D

One of these ‘rather useless items’ would be a Natural Sea Sponge from Daiso – the famous 100 yen / RM5 shop!

We recently visited the Daiso outlet at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara and the Mother and I spent a whopping 2 hours in Daiso alone. I could spend all day going down every single aisle, ogling at every single product along every single row and go

‘Oh my goodness what a genius invention!’


‘Oh my goodness are people that lazy? Why would people need something like that?’


Naturally, I spent quite a bit of time at the beauty aisle and I did spy quite a few unique products that I wanted to purchase eg. SILK COCOONS that supposedly remove your blackheads miraculously. Albeit sounding gimmicky, I am pretty sure you can’t help feeling amazed with what Daiso sells! Unfortunately, Mum succeeded in dissuading me from purchasing the aforementioned product by giving me a very



Anyway, this post is all about the product that I managed to persuade her into letting me buy it……

A Natural Sea Sponge!

So cute, isn’t it?  =D

The sponge is very hard (think rock hard) when it’s dry but the minute it comes in touch with water, the sponge puffs up and turns very soft and squishy! Yours truly spent a good 2-3 minutes playing with the sponge. How does one ‘play’ with a sponge, you wonder?


1. Douse the sponge with a whole lot of water and watch it balloon up.

2. Evil smile in place, squeeze every drop of water out of the sponge and watch its colour change + shrink.

3. Let out a burst of evil laughter as you have ‘killed’ the sponge.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 again until bored.

The end.

Pardon the lameless, my lovelies!! =p I found it rather theraputic doing the above, minus the evil smile / laugh of course!!

Back to the mini review!

Apparently this sea sponge can be used for make up eg. foundation but I find the ‘pores’ of the sponge a little too big for foundation application. Nevertheless, I tried using this as a cleansing sponge. Paired with Origins’ Checks and Balances cleanser, this sponge did a good job in cleansing my skin… However, as this is a natural sponge, I found it a little too scrubby for my liking which makes me wonder if this can actually used to apply base make up.

I am currently toying with the idea of adding this to my GIVEAWAY but I am not sure about gifting a product that doesn’t work very well to someone. I will test this out a couple more times before deciding whether this makes the cut or not!

What do you think? Would you like to see the Daiso Natural Sea Sponge in the Giveaway goodie bag? Do let me know in the comments! =)

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone and try to keep the Monday blues away! =)


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