Review: Phyto Phytocitrus Restructuring Hair Mask for Colour-Treated Hair

Who doesn’t suffer from the occasional bad hair day? Recently, my hair was in a tangly, frizzy mess as I decided to abandon my favourite L’occitane conditioner in favour of Kiehl’s Amino Acid Conditioner. Funnily enough, my hair adores Kiehl’s Amino Acid shampoo (really breaks down all the grease on your scalp and leaves it comfortably soft and nourished!) but it just decided to go all frizzy when I started using their conditioner!
As the saying ‘mothers know best’ goes, Mum magically dropped this product on the table when I bemoaned the condition of my hair and said ‘yeah I was about to say your hair looks really dry.’ 
#telepathy at work? 😉 

Here’s a quick description on what the product does for you:
Phytocitrus provides the energy and radiance necessary to restore the beauty of hair weakened by colouring or bleaching products.

This rich and creamy mask is enriched with plant butters of illipe and shea, to deeply nourish and regenerate hair. Naturally acidic, grapefruit extract smoothes the hair scales in order to set the colour, while castor plant oil imparts ultimate shine. 

The restructuring properties of sweet almond protein leaves hair silky soft and incomparably supple, even after one application. 

I have heard of Phyto while in the UK as a housemate of mine uses their hair thinning treatment which she swears by! Her hair started falling / thinning after a homemade bleaching session went terribly wrong so she’s tried so many treatments out there but only this one seemed to work for her! 
By the way, I am pleasantly surprised that this brand is available in Malaysia as Phyto hair products are quite difficult to come by in Kent and I have no idea on where to get them in London! My housemate normally purchases them online so I never thought of giving their products a go. (of course, the slightly steep price tag doesn’t help. 😉  
Before I get on with the review, I thought I’d share how I use hair masks / treatments at home. =) 
1. Shampoo and rinse hair. (no conditioning)
2. Apply half a palmful of product to the ends and lengths of towel-dried hair.
3. Gently rub and comb (with hands) product through hair.
4. Tie hair into a loose bun and wear a shower cap over hair.
5. Leave for 30 minutes before rinsing out.
I do this with all hair masks, regardless of the instructions on the box! 
I expected the Phytocitrus Restructuring Hair Mask to smell citrusy due to the term ‘Phytocitrus’ but the product took on quite a strong shea butter scent (think L’occitane shea butter hand cream scent) with a certain almond-y sweetness to it. All very pleasant and not overly cloying, I promise! 
Texture’s thick – something I appreciate when it comes to hair masks as the last thing you want is having excess hair mask dripping down your neck while you’ve got it on your hair! 
Thankfully, my tangled hair did not put up a vicious fight with the Restructuring Hair Mask as I managed to conquer the tanglies (a made up word, no need to look it up)! 😉 
Not many products live up to their much-exaggerated claims…. But this one does! Rinsing the product out of my hair was a breeze and I did not suffer from having the leftover-treatment-in-hair symptom which is fab! 
Shiny hair? check.
Silky soft and incomparably supple hair? *looks at the boyfriend’s dry, scratchy hair* CHECK.
I have highlights in my hair but I cannot vouch that this product has helped me preserve my hair colour but if soft, shiny, manageable hair is what you’re after, this hair treatment works. Beautifully. 
Having used this over a month, paired with my favourite L’occitane conditioner – Stephanie has reviewed it here  my hair’s condition has improved drastically! 
Am extremely thankful and happy this came into my life… Thanks Mum!

Here’s the ingredient list:


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