Review: Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

Let’s talk about cleansing oils today! Cleansing oils have been around for ages but I’ve only discovered them two years ago. A kind friend pointed out that I need to double cleanse should I use sunscreen as sunscreen can clog pores up and using one cleanser is simply not enough. 
I remember starting off with Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil (the yellow / original? one) and I broke out so badly that I stopped using cleansing oils.
Since I need to double cleanse, I turned to Clinique’s Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser as this cleanser removes make up (not eye make up, methinks) and sunscreen effectively.
Went through quite a few tubes of this until I discovered .
Wanting to give cleansing oils another chance, I bit the bullet and bought two cleansing oils from Kose’s Softymo range and one of them was the Deep Cleansing Oil:
Actually, I started using Kose’s Speedy Cleansing Oil before turning to this and I was really impressed with how the oil melted all the grime + make up off my face and I did not suffer from any breakouts / clogged pores after using the Speedy Cleansing Oil for 2 months.

With newfound confidence in using cleansing oils, I decided to bring the Deep Cleansing Oil back to KL to use even though I haven’t tested this out yet and it was a risk well taken! =D

The texture is thicker than the Speedy Cleansing Oil (which is quite runny) and I usually use between one pump to one and a half pumps, depending on how much make up I’ve got on my face. After applying and massaging the oil onto my dry face, I wet my hands a little and start emulsifying the oil! The oil will turn into a milky liquid when it comes into contact with water. I usually repeat the previous step until I can’t feel any oil left before splashing water on my face.

This cleansing oil also removes light eye make up but I usually use a separate eye make up remover because it makes me feel cleaner that way. Haha!

I love Kose Softymo’s cleansing oils and I wish they were readily available in Malaysia instead of having to purchase them online. =(  The price is rather affordable too at about USD7 a bottle.

Do you use cleansing oils? =)


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