Review: Kose Sekkisei Lotion and Lotion Mask

My skin seems to react pretty well to Kose’s products, especially those of their Softymo range. =D Kose Softymo’s Cleansing Oils have kept me company since I started double cleansing and they are the best budget brand cleansing oils I’ve used this far as they work beautifully for me! Speaking of which, I have not reviewed them yet so you may see them in one of my future posts! 😉

I’ve always heard of this lotion mask thingy which seems to be very popular with the Japanese as they always soak this really cool pill-mask thingy with lotion / toner and the pill magically turns into a face mask so I was searching high and low for this until I discovered Kose makes pill masks and they recommended the Sekkisei lotion to go with it!

Here’s what Kose has to say about one of their best-selling products:

The Kose Medicated Sekkisei Lotion is a mild, refreshing tonic that penetrated instantly to get rid of dullness and promotes an even, refined skin tone. These herbal extracts provide brightening, anti-inflammatory, refining and moisturising benefits.

Use as a toner morning and evening after cleansing. Generously soak a cotton pad and pat gently over face. For incresed effectiveness use with Lotion Mask, 1-2 times a week.

The product includes herbal extracts such as Coix Seed Extract, Angelica Extract, Melothria and Licorice Extract.

taken from Kose

First impressions? This lotion smells refreshing and it’s incredibly cooling when I swipe it over my face with a cotton pad. This cooling sensation immediately triggered my ‘less alcohol is more’ policy when it comes to skin care products so I initially shelved the idea of using this as a lotion mask.

As time went by, I ran out of my Juju Aquamoist toner so I had to turn to this. I try not to use products ladened with alcohol as my skin as a tendency to grow little bumps when I use these products so I thought of a way to ‘dilute’ the lotion! =D

In comes my saviour: Vichy’s Thermal Water Spray!!!

After cleansing, I spray on slightly more Thermal Water than I normally would over my face until I feel my face is wet. (not the dripping wet kind!)

Then, I drip about 3 drops of Sekkisei Lotion onto my palm and gently put my palms together so both palms have some lotion on before patting it all over my already damp face!

I keep patting until the product is absorbed before applying serum / moisturizer etc.

Kose’s Sekkisei Lotion has kept me company for over 3 months now and my skin’s quite happy with this routine! =D

I have been using this technique when it comes to using Lotion masks too so I thought I’d take a few photos and share them with you… =)

Here’s a Lotion Mask! Amazingly tiny and compact:

I pop the mask into the lotion’s cap and give it a good spray with Vichy’s Thermal Water Spray before adding the Sekkisei Lotion into the cap:

Oops.. noob shot. I am sorry this photo turned out blurry! Both my hands (the one that held the bottle and the other that held the camera) were shaky when I attempted to photograph the pouring process which resulted in some spillage (yikes) and of course, blurry shots! This was the best I could manage!!


Let’s see how much the pill mask has expanded after adding the two liquids, shall we? =D

Here’s what the mask looks like:

Pretty big considering the original (dry) product’s so tiny!

One thing to note is that these pill masks are thin and quite fragile so you have to be careful when unravelling the soaked pill! Apart from that little gripe this is a quick pick-me-up that leaves my skin looking radiant!

I also soak a cotton pad with the lotion (concentrated, not diluted) and leave it on red, angry zits. I find the high alcohol content not only reduces that sore, throbbing sensation you sometimes get with these painful monsters but this also helps reduce the redness that comes with such zits.

Although this product works wonders for me, I have second thoughts about repurchasing as having so much alcohol in a lotion does put me off a little!

What are your thoughts about alcohol-loaded products? 


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