A Teeny Haul from Hat Yai, Thailand.

What’s a little holiday without a beauty haul for beauty bloggers? Not quite a holiday, isn’t it? 😉 
I have a little haul photo for you! I’m not sure why my brother insisted I let him place toothpaste and the Doublemint sweets in this photo :s By the way, that Colgate in the photo tastes SALTY and according to my Aunt, salt is one of the natural ways to whiten your teeth. O.o 

I think that looks like a very sad looking haul which consists mostly of Whitening products. The Thais are obsessed with skin whitening! I was shocked to find Boots No7 WHITENING products in Hat Yai’s Boots and many if not all drugstore brands carry at least 3 whitening products. 
I bought the Nivea Sun Whitening Sunscreens – the one on the left in the box is for the face and the one next to it is for the body as the hot weather really got to me and the Sunplay sunblock I brought along with me was drying my skin out like no tomorrow so I hastily went to one of the supermarkets to get one when I was bombarded with whitening products as I walked down every aisle that stocked beauty products. This is not limited to the women’s range only but MEN’S TOO. 
Being the cheapskate person that I am, I chose the two Nivea Sunscreens as they were the only super-sized ones I could find! 40% more content and if I’m not wrong, the face sunscreen retailed at about RM30 and the body one at RM27 after conversion. 
The next product I got was yet another Nivea product: a UV Whitening Extra Cell Repair and Protect Body Lotion with 50x Vitamin C in it! This retails at 60 Baht / RM6 for 125ml and I bought this to moisturize my terribly dry arms and legs (thanks to the Sunplay Sunblock). Another reason for purchasing this was actually for my brother who has had a little too much Hat Yai sun and was really, really tan. =D I hope I don’t turn my brother into too much of a metrosexual! 
I’ve heard so much about these Pond’s Magic Powders that I had to get some to try! I bought one in Blue and two in Pink as one of these Pink Pond’s Magic Powders will be going into my giveaway that’s coming up really, really soon so do stick around to find out more about it! =D 
I have tried the Pink version of the Magic Powder and I like it for its so easy to use and this thing really mattifies your skin… To think it only cost me 29 Baht / RM2.90 each! Have yet to open the Blue Powder so I can’t really comment on them yet but I will review them once I’ve tried them out a bit more! 
So that’s my Thai beauty haul for now… Am hoping I’ll be able to do more impromptu trips like this in the future! 
Do you enjoy stalking the local drugstores / pharmacies whenever you travel?

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