How I do my everyday make up!

I’ve always toyed with the idea of showing you my ‘everyday make up look’ and have drafted this post eons ago but somehow…. My fingers seem to evade the ‘Publish’ button each time I edit this post and it chooses ‘Save’ instead.


Unlike most beauty bloggers and ladies who do take pride in their appearance and make a lot of effort to look good before heading out of the house e.g. apply lashings of mascara, eye shadow, contour face, pencil in their brows etc….

This self-professed beauty blogger nearly always heads out of her home bare faced (well, nearly) so I’ve always been a little wary of what your response would be upon reading this post!

*takes deep breath*

I’ve never been good at art back in school, which explains the absence of colour on my eyelids. Having shaky hands, of course is yet another contributing factor to my naked lids but I’m still learning how to do my eye make up properly! =)

Most of the time, I usually do my make up in the morning and do not retouch until the evening so I like keeping my make up simple as:

simple make up = less risk of your make up turning you into a panda-eyed monster by the end of the evening. =D

That, my ladies is my somewhat fool proof make up mantra! for now until i perfect the art of make up, at least!

My daily make up routine consists of these steps:

1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize

2. Apply sunscreen

3. Apply primer (a newly acquired step that I find really helps hold everything together!)

4. A bit of foundation where my skin needs it (nose, mouth area and sometimes cheeks if they are red, blotchy and angry-looking)

*5. Apply highlighter (A recent addition since I discovered the amazing brush that is the Sigma E50. Thank you, Lily!)

6. Apply cream blush. Because it stays put for the rest of the day and goes on easily!

*7. Tightline eyes and get poked in the eye most of the time

*8. Fill in my brows (Thank you, Paris!)

9. Dust loose powder all over to set make up.

10. Apply Lipstick / Lipgloss / Lip Butter.

*Steps that are newly added into my routine and are considered as ‘Special Occasion Extras‘ but I am planning to incorporate them into my permanent Everyday Make Up routine! 

Ready to see the end result? 😉

Pardon ’em eye bags and blemishes that are peeking out! I am not a fan of concealing imperfections although I do use concealer for zits of epic proportions. 
Here are the products I used! 

1. Sunscreen – Kose Sun Protector SPF50 PA+++

2. Primer – MUFE HD Primer

4. Highlighter – Lancome’s Eclat Miracle

5. Cream Blush – Canmake’s Cream Cheek in #11 Heavenly Heart

6. Eye Liner – Canmake’s Lasting Creamy Liner in 01 Black

7. Eye Brow Pencil – Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil

8. Powder – Guerlain Meteorites in Teint Rose

I hope you liked this post! What’s your everyday look like? Do tell!! =D

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