Review: Sunplay SPF130 PA+++

It’s official. I am a sunblock addict. I enjoy stalking local drugstores in pursuit of sunblocks.

This caught my eye when I was doing my usual routine, going round the aisles in Watsons and was astonished at the high Sun Protection Factor (130, can you believe it?)

Now, having such a high SPF does not necessarily mean you will not tan / burn, it only slows down the process of you getting burnt. This means you do not really need a sunblock with such a high SPF unless you intend to sit in the sun all day long, and risk getting sunstroke in the process :p

Nevertheless, I bought this as the claims do sound promising! Here they are!

• New Solarex-3 technology provides a unique UV defense system which combines superior photostability, high moisture retention and anti-aging properties.
• Highest board spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
• Light and non-greasy texture.
• Super water and sweat proof, ideal for long hours outdoors and water activities.

The texture of the Sunplay sunblock is incredibly watery and dries (rather quickly, I must add) to a clear finish. Yes, this seems super sweat proof to me! I was sweating buckets as we walked round town in Hat Yai and I was in the sun most of the time! The good? No tan / redness at all, which really impressed me as it was really sunny in Hat Yai!

Now onto the not-so good….. I did not experience any ‘high moisture retention’ at all! On the contrary, this product really dried my skin out. After barely two days’ use, my parched skin was crying out for help and I had to purchase a body lotion just to soothe my skin! I used this on my body (arms, legs) and there were fine lines on my arms whenever I bend my elbows. These lines weren’t there prior to using this product so I’m sure this is the culprit!

I’m not sure what’s in this sunblock as I stupidly chucked the pack packaging into the bin without taking a photo of the ingredient list beforehand but this sunblock is not for dry-skinned ladies as this really dries you out! You really need to moisturise your body after using this so do approach this product with caution!

I forgot to mention this will run out really quickly due to it’s watery texture! I’ve used up half a bottle in merely two applications which adds another con to the list! I will never repurchase this!

Rating: 2/5 (in hindsight, this DID a perfect job as a sunblock so I can’t give it too low a rating!)

I’ve added this unpleasant photo of my drying arm just so you ladies are aware of what you may be in for should you give this sunblock a go! 

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