Review: Kose Softymo Airy Whip Mousse Cleanser

I’ve never been a fan of mousse / foaming cleansers as I have always felt they weren’t value for money as most foaming cleansers found in drugstores / pharmacies cost more than the regular foam-it-yourself cleansers. Also, these cleansers seem to run out a lot quicker than them old-school ones.

Then this Kose Softymo Airy Whip came along. *sighs* As I double cleanse at the end of the day, I am not too fussy when it comes to the second cleanser as I’m happy as long as it cleans my skin well.

Before I go any further, this cleanser comes in an aerosol can which I found pretty adorable (yeah, random silly things like these excite me) and the colour is in such a pretty shade of baby pink! Not that I’m much of a pink person but I’ve got to admit this would garner a huge following with those pink-loving girls out there. =D

The texture of this mousse is fine, fluffy and bouncy that it just does not tug at your skin when you apply it over your face! This is a plus considering how you save quite a bit of time in the mornings when you are rushing out to work / school as you won’t have to work your facial cleanser up into a lather before applying it to your face.

One downside of this product as you do need quite a substantial amount as I found half a pump was not enough to clean my face properly, even though I massaged the cleanser into my entire face before rinsing off. With the Airy Whip, you need at least one full pump to ensure your face is nice and clean.

I have been using this twice (sometimes thrice) a day since coming home and I find the cleanser’s running out already! I think this cost my friend USD7 and although this seems affordable, the fact that you go through it so quickly makes it rather costly to repurchase every month.

I took a shot of the ingredient / instructions list for my readers who can read Japanese and perhaps, help me decipher what’s written on them! =)

I would recommend this to those of you who are fans of mousse cleansers as this feels really comfortable on my skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight after but it’s a shame this isn’t available in Malaysia! The fact that it runs out quickly does not make it budget-friendly so I would not repurchase this again. My Japanese friend got this for me from one of the drugstores in Japan so thank you loads, K! =) 
What do you think of foaming cleansers? =) 


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