Review: Biotherm Sensitive Skin Sun Cream Multi-Protection UVB/UVA SPF50+

Phew! This should win an award for having one of the longest names I’ve ever come across for a sunblock! Biotherm’s one of my favourite skin care brands and I was on the lookout for a face sunblock when I chanced upon this. I jumped at the words ‘Sensitive Skin’, which is something that’s right up my alley!

So this Multi-Protection sun cream promises to hydrate and prevents brown spots with Mexoryl SX/XL which provides both UVA and UVB protection.

Housed in a tube containing 75ml, you do get quite a lot of product seeing this product is meant to be used on the face and neck. I found the sunblock to be overly hydrating (read: oily) for me so I’ve been using this on my body.

The texture of the Biotherm sunblock is rather thick and a bit of a chore to apply as you get a thick, white, sticky layer of gunk on your skin each time you apply this. It does take a while for the product to sink in. While the white layer sinks in, the stickiness is here to stay. My mum always complains when I use this product as it gets her arms sticky whenever she holds my arm (we do quite a bit of hand-holding / arm-grabbing) so I suppose this isn’t a product to use should you be going on a date! :p

I do not think it’s a matter of using too much product as I’ve tried using less but the stickiness remains the same! I cannot imagine using this on my face and just the thought of looking oily / sticky horrifies me!

All things aside, this product does not dry me out like the Sunplay sunblock and does provide good sun protection and for some reason this tube’s always in my handbag! Okay it’s probably because I’m too much of a sloth to take it out of my bag so I’ve been using quite a bit of it (i’m now squeezing the very last bits out) even though it leaves me rather sticky for the rest of the day. 😀

I’m not too fussy with the stickiness if I’m going to be in an air-conditioned place for nearly half the day but then you ask, what’s the point of me wearing sunblock if I’m not going to be exposed to the sun?!?

Haha! As much as I love most of Biotherm’s products, I cannot recommend this product to anyone who lives in a humid climate as this will drive you (and anyone near you) mad. I haven’t used this in cooler (but sunny) climates but I’m guessing it should be more comfortable to wear this in a drier environment!

Rating: 1/5


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