I am sunblock crazy.

I started using sunscreen from a young age due to my sun sensitive skin which burns ever so quickly in the scorching Malaysian heat. 
Now that I’m a little older…. I think I have developed an addiction for sunscreens / sunblocks:
Now, there’s been this ongoing debate on whether physical sunscreens or chemical sunscreens are better and both Viva Woman and Paris B have covered this topic some years ago so I’m not gonna go into detail on what they are! 
I am not a huge fan of sunscreens even though my life (skin) depends on it. When abroad, I never use sunscreen but a moisturizer with a low SPF as most of the time I’m just too lazy to go that extra step in the mornings when the sun rarely, if not never peeks through those thick grey English clouds! Now that I’m back in sunny Malaysia, I start taking sunscreen seriously. Although I am aware that a higher Sun Protection Factor does not mean it will prevent you from burning / tanning, I still go for sunscreens with a Sun Protection Factor of at least 50 as I just do not feel safe if I do not see those two numbers on the tube! #paranoid
I am still in the process of testing some of these products (L’oreal, Kiehl’s, Shu Uemura’s even though it’s actually a primer lol) and will get back to you lovely readers on how they fare!! 
Psstt! This is actually a filler post as I figure out which sunblocks should I bring on my ‘balik kampung’ (travelling back to hometown) trip! My grandmothers live in Kelantan, one of the Northern states in West Malaysia and for some reason, Kelantan is ALWAYS HOTTER than Kuala Lumpur. I’m serious. It’s more humid and the sun is extremely hostile to my poor skin when I visit my grandmothers in my hometown so I had to stock up on sunblocks and now I can’t decide on which ones to bring! :s Typical of me, haha! 
Any of you heading back to your hometowns to celebrate Chinese New Year? What do you normally do over the festive season? For me, it’s usually eat, eat, and eat some more before visiting loads of people, eating loads of mandarin oranges and come back to Kuala Lumpur sick. Yup. Same routine every year. =D 

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