Bottoms Up! Items I used up before leaving Canterbury.

I haven’t posted this up since…. August! Please pardon my tardiness but I’m definitely trying to get back into the routine of blogging properly now that I’m technically on holiday and should have more time to blog. 
So these are the items I finished using prior to leaving the UK. I suffered from a particularly itchy / painful bout of KP (due to the change in weather, methinks) so I used up my Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion in a jiffy.
I’ve been using Kose’s Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil for over a year now and it did not break me out a single bit and it gets all the grime off my face, minus eye make-up as I prefer using a separate eye make-up remover as I don’t like the idea of rubbing cleansing oil all over my eyes. 
The Avene Thermal Spring Water has saved me many a time and I am really glad I made this purchase! This is the second can I’ve used up since making my first purchase back in June. 
The Juju Aquamoist toner has also lasted me quite a while but I do not think this is something I will repurchase (got this as a gift)  as I want to try so many other products out there! 
I have never reviewed the Clarins Daily Energizer cream as I got really caught up with work and other things in life but this is a really, really good moisturiser! There are 3 different moisturisers in the Daily Energizer range (targeted at young skin) – Cream, Gel-Cream and Lotion. I purchased the cream which came with deluxe sizes of the Daily Energizer cleanser and toner and I really enjoyed using these products! One thing to note though… Clarins’ products are rather heavily-fragranced which isn’t quite my cup of tea but the products work well for me so I’m willing to overlook that! 
The cream isn’t as thick / oily as one would think and I really think this is worth looking into if you are in your 20s and are looking for a good skin care range. 
Next up is the Ahava mineral body lotion that came with August’s Glossybox.  There’s nothing much to shout about this product other than it has a fresh fragrance but the lotion’s consistency was a little too thin and runny for my liking. 
The final item in the photo is L’occitane’s Shea Butter Body Lotion which came as a gift with purchase some time ago. I love L’occitane’s products, especially their Shea Butter ones but their prices are rather steep so I try to look out for more affordable body lotions as I go through them really quickly. 
I enjoy writing my Bottoms Up posts as it helps me keep track of what I have been using! It also allows me to reconfirm, or even rebuke my opinions of the product when I first review them. Haha! 
I hope you are having a lovely day! =) 

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